Top 5 Tennis Trading Articles You MUST Read

tennis trading articlesWell, it is almost that time of the year once again as the pinnacle of the tennis trading season is upon us with Wimbledon commencing next Monday.

This is a time when seasoned tennis traders get ready to fill their boots but it is also a time when those still learning how to trade tennis can easily get burned too. So it is important to be as sharp as possible before you get involved in the biggest slam of all!

I have searched through the Sports Trading Life Blog archives to find 5 of the best tennis trading articles that you absolutely must read before you attempt trading on Wimbledon, or any Tennis tournament for that fact. If you are a regular you might have read these before but a good refresh can never hurt!

In no particular order….

5 – 5 Tennis Trading Tips For Beginners

Still new to tennis trading? This article does exactly what it says on the tin and gives you 5 simple tips to follow before you get involved, including the best types of matches for beginners to trade!

4 – Does the 15-40 Tennis Trading strategy still work?

A very common strategy that you might have heard about and might even be planning on using in your tennis trading. We take a closer look at it and let you know if it is still worth using these days.

3 – The 5 HUGE DON’TS Of Tennis Trading

An absolute must read article if you want to avoid making the same mistakes most novice tennis traders make.

2 – 5 GOLDEN Tennis Trading Match Reading Tips

Now this is a golden article. If you are trying to take your tennis trading to the next level then this is absolutely for you. Discover little things to look out for that can create huge opportunities!

1 – The 3 Best Tennis Trading Strategies To Use This Grand Slam

Do you want to just find 2-3 strategies to concentrate on perfecting over the next few weeks? We point you in the direction of the very best methods to use if you are still quite new to tennis trading.


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