5 Huge DONT’S Of Tennis Trading [MUST READ]

tennis trading tipsThis is a guest post by Full time tennis trader Peter Scott of Dynamic Tennis Trading.

The tennis trading season is now in full swing with competitive tournaments every week and lots of juicy liquidity to sink your teeth into. There truly has been no better time to be a tennis trader since the liquidity is actually increasing year upon year.

There are lots of novices getting involved in tennis trading all the time and I know from the emails I get that some common mistakes are made. So I have written this article with 5 HUGE Dont’s of Tennis Trading as these are things you should stamp out of your trading game right away.

Have a look at this list, maybe even print it out and pin it to your office wall too!

#1 DONT take a position pre-match

Unless you are skilled at spotting value in the pre-match prices on tennis then I would strongly suggest NEVER taking a pre-match position. The markets now move with almost every point and there will be much better positions to take up in-play. Plus the skill with tennis trading is really all about “match reading” and before the match you have zero information to go with. You can have pre-match opinions but just wait till the match begins and you can see how both players are performing before getting involved.

For example, you might think that Andy Murray has been off-form recently and might get off to a slow start against his opposition. So you lay him at the start at 1.40. However, he comes out firing and breaks his opponent to love in the first game. The price moves drastically against you and you have a losing trade. In this case, you would have been much better off just seeing how each player served in their first service games before deciding to go with your pre-match opinion.

#2 DONT pick up and trade mid-match

A big problem in tennis is the scheduling of matches is not as rigid as a sport like football. This can be because you do not know what time earlier matches will end which can cause delays but also sometimes matches just start later then advertised. I believe it is something they are working on. However, if you turn on your TV and the match is deep into the 2nd set then it can be tempting to get involved but if you are a novice you should stay away.

As said, tennis trading these days is all about match reading and it is impossible to read a match that you have joined mid way through since you are only getting half the story. When you trade a match from start to finish you are getting the FULL story and there are lots of bits of significant information that can help you with your trading. For example, did the favourite get off to a slow start and now has the momentum? Did the underdog play above themselves at the start and is now running out of steam? Did either of the players appear to have a knock or have the trainer called for them? Has one of the players showed visible signs of frustration?

There are so many things to take into account and watching from start to finish is the only true way of absorbing it all and you will make much better trading decision as a result.

#3 DONT trade without pictures

tennis trading tips 2This is a BIG no-no. I am well aware that there are some tennis traders who make good money only using flashscores however these guys are professionals and know what they are doing. When you are starting out you absolutely need to follow the action live. This is not because you are trying to beat the clock but again, because you need to be able to read the match. Seeing how well players are serving, returning points and their general attitude will tell you much quicker which trading decision to make compared to just looking at numbers on the screen.

A big tell is when you see a player getting angry or frustrated. With some players it can fire them up but with the lower ranked players it often means they are about to meltdown.

It does happen to the best of them, just ask Andy Murray what happened to him in the final of the 2015 Australian Open!

#4 DON’T leave orders in the market

This goes without saying these days. We should all be fully aware now about the courtsiders at the tennis matches that are way ahead of what you are seeing on the TV. These guys will be cleaning up any money that is left in the market when it goes against you but it can work 2 ways also.

Say you decide you want to Lay Player A @ 1.20 and then back them @ 1.40. In most sports this would be a reasonable trade and you might decide to put an order in the market to back them @ 1.40.

However, this is a mistake.

If Player A’s price does rise it is usually because they have had their serve broken. In this case their price will not go straight to 1.40. It might actually go HIGHER. So their price might drift to 1.50 or 1.60. However, since you had the order in the market @ 1.40 then that is all you will gain and you will have left some extra money on the table.

#5 DON’T try and beat the clock

This is surely obvious now but I still think many people have this misconception that tennis trading is all about just backing a player as soon as you see them scoring a point. This might have been the way once upon a time but tennis trading has evolved to become a very different beast these days.

Now, to become a profitable tennis trader you will find your edge more in actually reading a match live and acting on what you are seeing. There are literally thousands of odds movements with every point being scored in a tennis match which means there is more then enough opportunity for your strategy to become profitable providing you can read the match and understand it to a certain level.


I hope this article was useful for some people. Remember, my course Dynamic Tennis Trading includes 5 tennis trading strategies but more importantly provides lots of information and tips on how to read a tennis match properly and how to spot the best opportunities.

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