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Hi, My name is Ben Michaels and I am a Sports Trading Expert from London, UK. I traded the sports markets on both Betfair and Betdaq pretty much full time for over 10 years and it is safe to say that I have been there, done it and worn the t-shirt.

I first started out making money with matched betting. This was certainly a fun time but as the good offers decreased it got harder and harder.

Thankfully, through matched betting I discovered Betfair and the many amazing possibilities. I still remember the day when I first "invented" football trading as I realised I could “Lock in” a profit and win no matter what the result. 

Like many, I struggled with predicting the final results in sports like football and tennis but I knew I was pretty good at forecasting how matches would play out and Football trading was the perfect solution.

After being made redundant and then spending many sleepless nights working on strategies and methods... It was not long before I went full-time.

And these days, I also really enjoy teaching others how they can trade the sports markets so they can avoid all the costly mistakes that I made when learning and get on their way to making a nice 2nd income from it.

When I started out there were not any websites like this one around that is for sure!

About The Site

betfair trading blog

I started Sports Trading Life as a ?blog to document my trading back in 2010 actually mainly out of boredom. I was trading full-time and did not have many people to share my thoughts and experiences with. Instead of boring people down the pub who had no interest or any idea what a Betfair trade was I realized that blogging was the only answer.

Sports Trading Life soon grew into more than just a personal blog and into a bit of a monster! Many soon saw STL as the #1 resource for Betfair Trading on the web.

The aim of the website today is to help those who are new to Sports Trading. There is lots of bad advice out there and lots of charlatans just trying to make a quick buck by charging for this bad advice too. So we want everyone who uses Sports Trading Life to learn to trade the right way.

I do not sell a dream here or make ridiculous promises. Becoming profitable on these markets definitely takes hard work but anything worth having does not come easy!

About The Courses

Currently on the website we have affiliations with some of the best premium sports trading courses and they are all listed in the “Courses” section. If you want to skip the learning curve then these courses are firmly recommended. I learned by myself through trial and error but it took me years and I lost lots of money in the process. These days you don't need to do that and by enrolling in a course you will skip a lot of the mistakes most us made.

Like anything in life, if you want to learn more and become proficient then do a course and learn. You can spend hours searching on Google for information but it is hard to know where to begin and then you have to filter out the good information from the bad. By taking a course you get all the information taught to you step-by-step and you will have a good launch pad for your sports trading adventures!

I know that if I were starting out again today and I had the chance to do a course then I would bite your hand off! 😉

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