5 Tennis Trading Tips For Beginners

Tennis Trading Tips BeginnersHere are even more tips for Tennis Trading that you should find very useful. I do get many emails from people asking for advice and many are asking similar questions so hopefully many will find this handy. Even if you are not quite a beginner this little list might get you thinking.

Here are 5 Top Tennis Trading Tips For Beginners!

  Wait Before Entering The Market

When trading tennis I notice many newbie traders try and look for a position to take right from the start of the match. My view would be that it is actually better to wait and see a few games played before getting involved in the markets.

Your biggest advantage over the starting price markets is seeing the players actually performing when the event gets underway. You do not have to go in right at the start as usually the best opportunities are found during the actual match once you spot a player under or over performing. There is nothing worse then planning a trade before a match and then seeing the player you are favouring misfiring in the opening game or two when you could have just waited to see how they started and had more information to go with.

 Stay Involved at the Business End

I also notice that many newbie tennis traders like to execute the strategies they have in mind and then simply move on to the next match or finish for the day. If you do this you are missing out on some amazing opportunities at the business end of the match which is usually the final set. If it is winner takes all in the final set then you are very likely to see the markets flip flop from side to side which can generate very lucrative opportunities. Getting involved in the final set of matches is also good because you will see much quicker swings in the markets too. You can potentially see 50+ tick swings just from a mere point being scored depending on how close the match is.

 Trade One Match At A Time

If you are new to Tennis Trading I can not stress enough that you should only trade one match at a time. I regularly get emails from new tennis traders who open multiple positions in matches, lose track of their positions and end up with silly losses. I have traded tennis for years now and I will rarely trade more then one match at once. The only times this might happen is if there are many matches on at the same time and I spot a huge opportunity in another match.

When you only trade one match at once you will begin to notice much more about it as your full concentration will be on that match. If you are new to trading this sport this is very important.

 Watch The Match You Trade

Watching the match you trade is also very important too. These days there is no excuse for not being able to watch the match you are trading as there is plenty of live Tennis on the Betfair streams and all over the Internet.

I often get emails from people who are trading tennis blindly and using a scoreboard. Scoreboards used to be fine if they was simply no alternative but, as just mentioned, you should be using live pictures. When you have the pictures your mind can absorb far more information about the match and this will help you with your decision making. For example, you might see that a player is trailing but is still serving well and is putting his opponent under pressure. In this case you would want to favour the trailing player and this could be a great opportunity to get involved but you would only have spotted it by actually watching the match. Also, by watching the match you are also much more likely to spot turning points and momentum changes.

 Stick To 3 Set Matches

Personally, I very rarely trade the 5 set tennis matches until they get to the quarter final stages of the competition. This is mainly a personal preference due to the sheer amount of time that 5 set matches can take to reach completion. These 5 set matches can run for a few hours and you will be hanging around longer for your trades to be completed.

The 3 set matches are usually much more exciting as you can potentially get more shocks due to the short nature of these matches. Matches can turn very quickly in this format too. You could be in a situation where a player is 1 set up and serving to win the match which will have them trading sub 1.10. However, if they lose their serve at this point then the underdog might suddenly have a chance to level the match at 1-1 and that sub 1.10 price could drift suddenly out 1.80+ all on a break point.

So my advice would be to stick to 3 set matches initially as they are much more fun and not as time consuming which will make trading them feel more enjoyable.

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