Each Way Sniper: An “Unstoppable” Horse Racing System?

each way sniper reviewIt has been a while but it is a pleasure to welcome back Mike Cruickshank on to the Sports Trading Life blog. You may know Mike as being the genius behind the “Bonus Bagging” and “Profit Maximiser” products that have made plenty of STL readers lots of risk-free cash down the years.

Well, now Mike is back with yet another great “loophole” he has found that we can all exploit. This one is called “Each Way Sniper” and involves the horse racing markets. Last week, we caught up with Mike so he could answer our questions about it all.

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STL Just what is the each way sniper? How much can you explain about how it works?

Mike- Each Way Sniper is an unstoppable horse racing loophole using the each way betting markets. For those who don’t know, an each way bet means you are placing 2 separate bets, one on the horse to win the race and another on the horse placing (usually finishing 1st, 2nd or 3rd).

How it works is that we take a small loss from the bet in the win market but using a clever trick we make a guaranteed profit whatever the outcome using the place market bet. The product comes with detailed video instructions with several examples and also the calculators for working everything out for you.

It also covers how to use the bookmaker extra place offers which means if your horse finishes 5th you will win both the bookmaker each way bet and also the Betfair place lay bet. You can easily snipe a £100+ win with no risk!

STL – What sort of money can be made from it and how many opportunities per day? If you increase stakes can you make more?

Mike- For an average user starting out, a profit of £300 – £500 can easily be achieved. An advanced user with a decent bank could make a lot more. Some are doing 4 figures per month easily.

The amount of opportunities does vary each day but typically it’s 2 – 3 per day during the week and 3 – 5 per day at the weekends when the better quality racing is on.

STL – Do you think the edge to this method can be affected if more people do it?

Mike – It will continue to work no matter how many people use the system because of the way the bookmakers price their each way bets.

STL – I see that you use bookmakers along with Betfair for this system to work correctly, does this mean you might be at risk of having your account shut down?

Mike – You won’t get banned doing this as the bookmakers only ban people for arbing in the win markets. We are taking a loss in the win market which looks like a poor value bet. Most of us lose most of our bets with the bookmakers. In the product I also show a few tips on how to ensure you are actually taking the WORST value bets in order to protect your account. In the rare occasion that you might lose an account there are still plenty of others that work well with this method.
STL– Just how safe is this compared to your other products?

Mike – All my products are very low risk but this is actually the safest product as it’s 100% risk free & doesn’t rely on bonuses. With every bet you place you will make instant guaranteed profit that you can withdraw.
STL – Sounds good, so if someone wanted to start today, how much would they need and where would they go to get the system?

Mike – I would recommend a £750 bank to start off with if you want to make worthwhile money doing this. If you have a £750 bank you will easily be able to pull in £500 per month providing you are taking action.

So there you have it, an easy £500+ per month for somethig you only have to do 2-3 times a day on weekdays. Not a bad second income!

If you want to read more and try Each Way Sniper for yourself just use our link to get the lowest current price for it > https://sportstradinglife.com/eachwaysniper


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