xG Football Trading FULL Review: Unearthing The Game Changer

This is a FULL xG Football Trading review written by Ian Taylor who is a full-time writer and hobbyist football trader. His views are his own.

Ah, the eternal quest for that foolproof trading strategy in the Betfair football realm!

Amidst a sea of digital courses, the xG Football Trading course stands out like a sore thumb, but in a good way.

Having had the good fortune of being a beta tester before the masses got their hands on it, I’ve had a good rummage around the course content.

Worry not, this review is as straight as a die, no bias here despite my early access.

The Charm of Live In-Play xG

Before we dive into the nitty-gritty, let’s talk about why live in-play Expected Goals (xG) is creating ripples in the football trading pond.

xG is a metric that gauges the quality of goal-scoring opportunities, and when leveraged correctly, can be a potent tool in predicting game outcomes.

This, dear reader, is where the magic lies for us traders.

A course that can drill down into the intricacies of xG and teach traders how to utilise this metric in real-time is much needed in this new era.

It’s not just about understanding xG, but about applying this knowledge live as the game unfolds, which could potentially be a game-changer in making profitable trades.

Understanding the Basics

Let’s cut to the chase, as you could easily assume this course is all about mastering the art of Expected Goals (xG) data in football trading.

The course kicks off with some nifty modules that break down the xG concept into digestible chunks, catering to traders of all shapes and sizes.

There’s a hefty emphasis on sidestepping the common banana skins when it comes to interpreting xG data, which, as the course suggests, could lead to some costly cock-ups in trading.

More exciting is the content on predicting goals and winners in-play based on the evolution of the live xG so far.

For someone like me that can’t handle watching too much football it is a huge development.

As you delve deeper, the course shifts gears into more advanced territory, showcasing the real-world application of xG data in live trading scenarios.

Gold vs Platinum: What’s Your Flavour?

The course comes in two flavours – the Gold and Platinum packages. Both offer a full video course along with a quartet of trading strategies – The Dominator xG™ Strategy, Lay The Draw xG™ Strategy, The Hot Dog xG™ Strategy, and Lay The Leader xG™ Strategy. The Platinum, with a slightly heftier price tag, throws in some additional strategies and seems to be the bee’s knees for seasoned traders looking to up their game.

Who’s It For?

Newbies will find this course a real treasure chest of knowledge that could potentially catapult them ahead in their trading journey. The friendly approach towards greenhorns, simplifying complex notions, is something to tip your hat to.

But it’s not all about the freshers.

Those with a bit of mileage in trading will find the novel strategies and advanced concepts in the later modules a breath of fresh air.

I am someone who has personally done a few football trading courses and I trade as a hobby alongside my day job .

Therefore, I like to feel I am slightly more than a newbie and there was lots to learn for me.

The “magic numbers” section alone is worth it.

But here’s the kicker – there’s nothing quite like it out there.

At present, you’d be hard-pressed to find an alternative in the market that dives into the application of xG data with such gusto.

I searched around on Youtube and Googled for a bit but there wasn’t anything comprehensive.

There is lots of articles on xG generally but not on how to apply it to football trading or even betting yet.

This course doesn’t just stop at theory; it takes you by the hand and shows you actionable strategies, a rare find in my book.

The Strategies Unveiled

Now, compared to previous strategies I’ve seen, the ones in this course are not hugely different but that is kind of the point.

The wheel is not being reinvented with this, the key is in learning the xG criteria to look for when using the strategy.

Something that almost all previous football trading courses sadly lack in.

They are rooted in a data-driven approach, which is like having a crystal ball that gives you a peek into the game dynamics.

Especially, the Lay The Leader xG™ Strategy and The Hot Dog xG™ Strategy caught my eye with their unique angle in tackling the market odds.

The Lay The Leader xG™ Strategy is particularly intriguing as it challenges the conventional wisdom of backing the leading team.

By employing real-time xG data, this strategy helps identify instances where the leading team is likely to concede, thus providing a window to lay them at lower odds.

On the other hand, The Hot Dog strategy is all about spotting overperforming underdogs using xG data. This strategy helps to identify matches where the underdog is creating quality chances, thus being undervalued by the market.

It’s a cheeky way of finding value in seemingly lopsided encounters.

I could never do this even watching the actual matches on the TV so this is a bit of a revelation!

Now, regarding success and strike-rate, the course suggests that employing xG data can significantly enhance decision-making, thus leading to higher strike rates.

However, it’s essential to note that like any trading strategy, there’s a learning curve and the success rate would largely depend on the trader’s proficiency in interpreting and applying the xG data in line with the strategies.

The course does a brilliant job of equipping traders with the knowledge and tools to improve their strike-rate over time, but it’s the application of this knowledge that would ultimately dictate success.

The xG Calculator Tool: A Closer Look

Now, the Platinum package comes with an xG calculator tool that’s touted as a godsend for those trading multiple matches.

 Just pop in the current score and the xG numbers, and voila, it churns out potential opportunities.

It gives you a quick lowdown on whether more goals are on the horizon and the projected match result at that point in time.

For instance, if the away team is leading but the tool projects a home win, laying the away team could be a smart move.

This tool is especially handy for newbies, making the transition to in-play trading smoother.

The Final Whistle

Wrapping it up, the xG Football Trading course is a well-knit, comprehensive programme that’s got the potential to elevate your trading game, no matter where you are on the experience ladder.

The thorough breakdown of xG data, coupled with actionable trading strategies, makes it a cracking choice for anyone keen on upping their football trading ante.

The lack of any direct alternative further propels it to a league of its own in leveraging xG data for Betfair football trading.

It is clear that xG is here to stay and now I can’t imagine trading football without consulting it.

My hobby has had a new lease of life due to this!

Therefore, if you are in football trading for the long term then the xG Football Trading course is a “must-do” on your “to-do” list.

I expect cheaper courses will be available in the future but that is a gamble in on it’s own. (When? Will it even be as good as this? Will the edge be gone by then?)

Don’t be left behind is what I say!


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