The 3 Best Tennis Trading Strategies To Use This Grand Slam

best tennis trading strategiesA grand slam tournament such as Wimbledon or The US Open is usually the prime time when many will give tennis trading a go after hearing such great things about it. However, it can be quite overwhelming and a case of “where do I start?” when it comes to tennis trading.

With so many different strategies available on the market for beginners to learn from, I often get emails from people asking if there is just ONE strategy to focus on firstly before moving on to the others. It is not as simple as finding just one strategy to work with but I have listed THREE of the best tennis trading strategies to focus on using for this grand slam.

The main reason for picking these 3 is that they should give you the chance to get involved during most key moments of a tennis match rather then just having one strategy that you might only use one single set.


1 – The Breaking Back Method

As far as “first set strategies” go this is one every tennis trader needs. This strategy was first introduced in the “Dynamic Tennis Trading” package by Peter Scott and is an absolute bread and butter method. As in, this is a strategy you will find yourself employing time after time when trading tennis. The name of the strategy does give away what the strategy involves but the execution that Peter describes in his manual is second to none. This might be a strategy most used in the first set but I find you can use it during every set you just have to adjust your stakes to the volatility.

2- The Yo Yo Method

One of the oldest methods within Tennis Trading but still one that works very well depending how you trade it. This is a “second set” strategy that was introduced within “Total Tennis Trading”. The key to doing well with this method is not to be greedy and also not to be robotic with your trading. Sometimes, the big swing can happen even without the required points being scored and you can profit either way. As with anything you have to be selective and I would only ever use this on a match I can watch live. I think many go wrong with this method by believing they can employ it in every match where the scenario crops up.

3- The Turnaround Trade

This is a “final set” strategy that will produce plenty of opportunities daily during a busy tournament. If you are looking for a strategy that can produce big wins from small stakes then this is the one. Be warned that your strike rate will not be high but you do not need a high strike rate to profit long term with this sort of method. Small stakes can produce huge profits but it does require patience so might not be for everyone. This one was also featured in the “Dynamic Tennis Trading” package.


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