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France-Luxembourg [1.01 FOOTBALL TRADING GUBBING]

In my time on Betfair I have seen 1.01 beaten in football plenty of times in-play but I am racking my mind to try and remember the last time I saw a team with a 1.01 starting price fail to win their match.

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But this was what happened yesterday evening as France, 2nd favourites to win the 2018 World Cup, failed to beat minnows Luxembourg.

A painful loss for those who punted big on the “guaranteed” money and those who pointelessly added a 1.01 shot to their accumulators.

But from a football trading nerd’s perspective, this was fascinating to observe! 😉

Looking at this, France were still heavily odds-on in the 77th minute. Crazy!

Only going odds-against around the 84th-85th minute. Usually unheard of in in-play football markets.

And ultimately the 1.01 shot was beaten and above you can see the insane amounts of money that were matched on France BEFORE kick off.

£312, 546 @ 1.01.

£757,171 turned over BEFORE kick off on 1.01 and 1.02.

Over £1 million punted on France at prices below 1.06.

The list goes on and it is safe to say that someone somewhere is not waking up happy this morning.

Epic stuff and keep in mind that France were full strength in a competitive fixture, it becomes even more remarkable.

Possibly the greatest football gubbing of all time?


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