T20 Cricket Trading Tips

T20 Cricket TradingWith the new season of the Indian Premier League getting underway this week I have invited cricket trading pro Chris Shepherd to do a guest post with a few pointers when it comes to trading twenty twenty cricket on Betfair. Take it away Chris….

Hello everyone!

Those who have read my articles in The Trend Report will know that I like to keep my Cricket trading as simple as possible. I believe that to profit from trading Cricket you don’t need a huge amount of knowledge of the sport (the more you do know the better obviously!). You really can still make good money from trading this sport just by looking for repeating patterns in the markets.

If you are planning on trading the T20 Indian Premier League this year and you are committed then you should trade this tournament with a pen and paper handy and make notes as you go along. Once you can spot players that are strong in the bat or those who are likely to choke you will then know the best times to take certain teams on. For example, if a favourite is trading quite low and then has a batsmen come in who you have noticed is quite shakey then lay them again. You will be surprised at how often the same players and the same teams can throw away good leads. Spotting the current form of the players is much better then doing research to see how these players played last year as a lot can change!

In the first innings you should be on the look out for resistance points in the market.  It all depends on the starting prices of the teams but very often if either team gets off to a strong start then the price on them will shorten down to a point where it wont shorten that much further during that innings. If you spot a price on the move that then begins to hover around a certain price point then there could be resistance in the markets. This is a perfect low risk opportunity to oppose that team. An example could be a team that starts out around the 1.75 mark, gets off to a good start and shortens to 1.30 and then hovers around there for a few innings without going much shorter. This is a clear example of market resistance and at that point I would lay the favourite @ 1.30 since I  know the price wont shorten too much against me but if that team was to then stutter you could see the price drift dramatically in my favour.

IPL Cricket TradingWhen trading in-play you should also be on the look out for Market Over Reactions which are incredibly common in Cricket Trading. A wicket can see the market jump dramatically by about 20 ticks depending on the time of the match. If you watch T20 Cricket then you know that its very unlikely to get 2 wickets in quick succession so you could have a few balls after the wicket where the market “readjusts” to the over reaction and you can gain a few low risk ticks. To trade this way I would firmly recommend using software that is good for scalping such as Bet Angel so you can see the weight of money.

Finally, I must remind everyone of the possibility of a match being drawn in T20 Cricket. This is something many people didn’t even think was possible but it can happen every now and then. When it does the market is voided and you potentially lose all your trading profits. To avoid this scenario, you should back “Drawn Match – Yes” before every match you are going to trade to win a the usual profits you expect to make. You can get good odds on this market, so if you find you average £100 profit per match then just putting £2 on this market should secure you your £100 profit if the match does end in a draw.

There really is so much I could say about T20 Cricket but we could be here all day so I will leave it at that for now. I have written a more detailed guide to the strategies in this article here for those interested.

Best of luck


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  1. Made a nice 54€ greenup on the Mumbai Indians with the bowling startegy!Thats what I call a nice start 🙂

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