Tennis Trading Real Life Examples: Spotting Opportunities

This is a guest post by Peter Scott, author of Dynamic Tennis Trading and expert tennis trader. Here he gives a real life example of a recent tennis trade and his thoughts behind it.

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Here is an example of an opportunity I spotted in this WTA match between Wickmayer and Kvitova. Kvitova was the favourite and won the first set 6-3, however this second set has not been very easy for her and Wickmayer has been putting the pressure on.


I feel there is an opportunity here as, if you look at the scoreboard, Wickmayer is leading 5-4 in the 2nd set and about to serve to win the set. If she wins her service game then this match is level and going to a deciding set where anything can happen. I think with Kvitova available to lay @ 1.33 this is a great opportunity as the way Wickmayer is playing I do think she will at least win her service game and the market price should drift on Kvitova.

To put it simply, Kvitova is much lower priced then she should be considering the current situation!

My first move is to lay Kvitova @ 1.34 with £1000 giving me £340 risk. Just to clarify, I am not risking the whole £340 on this trade and I will exit if the price goes against me.


Wickmayer goes to 40-30 on her serve which gives her set point. Since Kvitova is 1 game point behind in this situation I decide I should relieve some liability from this trade in case Wickmayer gives it away. The price has already drifted by 8 ticks for me and I trade back 25% of my overall stake. At least I now know any losses will not be as heavy as they may have been.


I did not need to be so cautious in the end as Wickmayer converts her set point and wins the 2nd set. The match is now tied at 1-1 and you may think this where I will green my book on this trade and probably most average tennis traders would.

However, I sense another opportunity.

I feel Kvitova is struggling mentally in this game and could slip up and drift in price even more. I decide to stay in the markets but I also remove all liability from the trade to virtually give me a risk free shot at even more profits. I can take a bigger profit if Kvitova slips up even more or a slightly smaller one if I have called it wrong. Either way I am winning here now.

I have now worked myself into a position where I know I am going to make a profit on this trade but it is just a case of how much. I will now sit and watch the first few games of the 3rd set to see what I should do next.


I watch the service game of both players and Wickmayer is still playing much better then Kvitova. This is compounded when Kvitova serves and goes 15-30 down on her serve. This swings the price by an extra 30 ticks and that is more then enough for me to green my book on.

I entered the trade @ 1.34 and got out @ 1.80. However, along the way you can see how I made this trade as low risk as I possibly could and did not jump out of the trade too quickly either. I am a big advocate of the trading term, “race the winning trades and cut the losing trades short” and here I feel I have raced this one far enough.

In the end this was a £127 profit on both outcomes with very little sweat or threat to my money. It is obviously not always as easy as this but if you only enter the market at the best opportunities then you will win more then you lose for certain.

If you want to see many more examples like this of how I trade tennis matches and the best opportunities and entry points then check out Dynamic Tennis Trading. Access to this package will be closing soon so I can concentrate back on trading so grab it while you can.

Update: Dynamic Tennis Trading will be removed from sale by tomorrow afternoon. After that there will be a waiting list for re-release later in the year and the price will also increase. Get it today and use discount code STL20 to get a discount on it also…


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  1. Excellent post and not just relevant for Tennis. Same principles can be applied to cricket and football.

    I often do that in a cricket run chase when laying the batting side. Get the wicket I need and reduce liabilities and seeing if the pressure can bring a second wicket quickly and a major movement.

  2. claus zachariasen says:

    what would the stop loss have been if the trade had gone against you?


    1. Sports Trading Life says:

      Hi Claus,

      Here is the reply, sorry for the delay

      “I would have exited the trade if Kvitova would have levelled the match and this may have put her odds down to around 1.10. So my stop loss would have been around 1.10 but much does depend on what is unfolding. If I sensed it was going wrong earlier I could have got out at around 1.15-20.”

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