Day In The Life Of The “Unprofessional Betfair Trader”

unprofessional betfair traderThere are plenty of traders out there who simply do not take Betfair trading as seriously as they should do. They end up losing money and blame everyone but themselves. They are also the same people who you will see on forums moaning about how this system does not work and this strategy is useless and how all tipsters are scammers. I have heard it a million times myself…

Below you will read a day in the life of an unprofessional Betfair trader.

Disclaimer: This article is written just for a chuckle but it does have a message behind it. If you spot anything which sounds similar to your own trading day then perhaps you need to improve your own trading too!

 Do not let this be you!!

Saturday Morning 9am

Ah, the start of a new day. I had a few bevvies last night and I am feeling a bit worse for wear but who cares? It is Saturday and I have no work. Time to get on Betfair and make some money methinks!


Haven’t even eaten breakfast yet but already looking online for some opportunities. I should really have a wash and eat but I need to have a look at the coupons to see what I am going to be trading today. I do not even look at the coupons until the day of the event. Who really needs to do research and preparation??

There is some tennis on that I like the look of, a bit of footy and some racing in the afternoon and also a bit of darts.

Plenty to get involved with, this is going to be a busy day I reckon!


Just realised I haven’t even deposited any money in my Betfair account since I lost it all last night. OK, I drop in another £500. I can always add more if I need it. Anyway, that £500 isn’t even mine really, why else were credit cards invented? Just don’t tell the missus since I still haven’t paid off a few bills but I will with today’s winnings I promise.


I finally get down to action and open the football in-play coupon. There is some footy action from the Japanese G-League, or is it J-league? Who knows?

Anyway, I fancy a bit of lay the draw on some of these.


Most of the Japanese matches are finished and I took a hefty loss on one of them. I did lay the draw but then the missus needed me to walk the dog. I left it at 0-0 with about 40 minutes left so surely there would be a goal? It finished 0-0 somehow, just my luck!

Lay the draw is rubbish anyway, everyone knows it does not work as good as it used to now. Gonna browse some blogs and forums now to find me a better system I think!


Was just checkin out a blog that suggests there is a cracking new tennis trading strategy I should try out. So I logged on to some forums to see if anyone was giving it away free but no luck.

I decide to buy it anyway. My plan is to refund it and get my money back once I used it since its probably no good anyway.


System looks pretty good as I browse it on my laptop. I haven’t used the system yet but emailed the vendor and told him it “was not for me” and asked for a refund. The refund terms do say “no questions asked” after all. Hopefully, I can get that money back in my account sharpish so I can put it back in Betfair.


A tennis match starts on Betfair with Nadal and some guy I never heard of. This will be a good chance to try this system I just bought. I load up another £500 since I surely can not lose according to this ebook.


Looks like my £500 is down the swanny already here. I have to trade out for a big loss when Nadal does not play well and this other bloke I never heard of (Djoko something) starts giving him a hiding. I knew that system was a load of rubbish, I will not be using that again and might email the vendor again asking for my refund. Tennis is not my sport anyway, thank god there is some footy at 3pm


I have a quick look at footy in-play coupon and make a few ltd picks. I am sure I can make this system work if I stick at it. I decide to just go with any match where the draw is higher then 4 but lower then 6. I know I should read the stats and form to help me but there is no time for that now and that stuff bores me to death!


It was a cracking afternoon on the footy and I have made about £700. I let the missus know about how I just made £700 in the past 2 hours and she gets really excited for me. I keep the earlier losses to myself since that is all in the past now and she does not need to know about that.


There some more footy in the evening that I want to trade but to fill the gap I have a punt on some horses in the last few races of the day. I can afford it now after all!


I hit a nice 4-1 winner on the horses and my account is looking pretty good going into the evening kick off. It’s Real Madrid away at some team I never heard of (Valencia Who?) and they are 1.30 for the win. They will definitely win this so I decide I want to make a nice 30% return on my investment. I put my whole balance on Madrid, grab some beers from the fridge and sit back to watch my money being made.


Half time and still 0-0 in the Madrid match and I am feeling a bit iffy about it. I never even realised that Ronaldo wasn’t playing in this one till about 30 minutes in. Madrid are now 1.60 for the win and maybe I should trade out but you have to be daring. I am sure Madrid will score any minute now.


Well that did not go so well, Madrid drew 1-1 and I have a hefty loss. This was not my fault though, they had a late penalty and missed it. Otherwise I would be sitting pretty right now. I go get some more beers to ease the pain. A bit of Britain’s Got Talent will cheer me up.


After a few more bevvies I am feeling a bit tipsy but ready to go again. I load the account up once again ready to win back my earlier losses. I put in £1000 and I take a look at the South American footy. There is a match with two teams I never heard of, playing in a league I never heard of but it looks good to me and fits one of my systems. One of the teams is leading 1-0 with 30 mins to go and I lump on by backing them @ 1.50 with £1000. This will make me at least £500 and will ease the earlier losses now.

All they need to do is hang on to the 1-0!


A last minute goal makes it 1-1 and that is a loser too. This is a bad bad day in my books and its probably best I pack up for the night. None of this was my fault though, it was just bad luck.

I join the missus in bed and she asks me how my days trading went. I can not bring myself to tell her how much I had really lost so I change the subject and try to force myself to sleep.

As I lie there, I decide that Betfair is just one big scam and that no one can actually make money from it. In fact, I grab my laptop and go on the Betfair forum to tell everyone what I have realised today.

Then I get me some kip, don’t think you will be seeing me gambling for a while!

Gambling is for mugs!

9am Next morning

Ah the start of a new day. I had a few bevvies last night I am feeling a bit worse for wear but who cares, Its Sunday and plenty of action to punt on…


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  1. Thx for the chuckle. Fortunately I didn’t really see anything ‘familiar’ with my own trading day, but I’m sure I have a few buddies who fall into that camp.


  2. cayenne turbo says:

    Great article and I’m sure there are “punters” out there who are just like this.
    All the best guys.

  3. A little far fetched but get the point. If there is anyone alive who is trading sports yet hasn’t heard of one of the greatest tennis players ever and Valencia they are in the wrong industry. I think this could have been abit more serious and still make some valid points regarding research, systems and not trading under the influence or when you could be distracted yet good effort.

    1. Sports Trading Life says:

      Hi John,

      Thanks for the comment. Most of the articles do cover things from a serious perspective so it is good to have something a bit different. I will do an article with “things to avoid doing” soon.

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