How Much Money Can Really Be Made With Profit Maximiser?

how much profit maximiser money can be madeAll the buzz in the betting world recently has been about PROFIT MAXIMISER.

When I did my Profit Maximiser review back in August the usual sceptics came out from under their rocks and said it was not possible but those who pushed ahead and joined the program have all made money for almost zero risk, and I include myself in that also. That is right, I have made some decent cash from this despite being banned and gubbed by multiple bookmakers and already having account with the vast majority.

I will not share how much money I have made from it exactly myself but I was looking on the PM Facebook page (only accessible to members) and I can see how others are all getting on with it.

Here are some actual screenshots taken from the page (Names covered for confidentiality)

profit maximiser 1 profit maximiser 2 profit maximiser 3 profit maximiser 4

Not sure why the bottom one came out blurry but you can view all these yourself upon signing up.

Most people are making an average of £200-300 on the first weekend of signing up and an average of £1000 in the first month.

One of the early adopters back in January has made £5000 to date, which is an average of £500 per month in the long term.

Not bad at all, the only real bad point about it all is that those who live outside of the UK will not be eligible for all the offers.

So only sign up if you are a UK citizen!

Here is the link guys, get going and make some money this weekend:

The icing on the cake is that if it does not live up to expectations you can get a refund anytime up till 30 days but I seriously doubt you will want that!



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  1. First thanks for a great website it was via this site and recommendations that I have purchased several items from SES excellent value and great customer service.

    As a fledging trader looking to build my bank, advice please I am very interested in the Profit Maximiser I note in your review that this is different to the Bonus Bagging.

    Would you recommend purchasing Bonus Bagging first then moving on to the Profit Maximiser or going straight to Profit Maximiser or purchasing both.

    Many thanks


    1. Sports Trading Life says:

      Hi Graham,

      Good question.

      The best answer is probably to get both. Bonus bagging is a “warm up” to what can be made with profit maximiser but they have both have unique ways to make money so you will end up getting both eventually anyway.

      Bonus Bagging is cheaper so if you were to start with anything you can start with that till you have made some money then “upgrade”.

      Thanks for the comment also.


      1. Thanks for that Ben and the very prompt response will follow your advice


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