Betfair “The Exchange Is Central To Who We Are”

betfairThere have been strange things going on with Betfair in the past year.  You may remember a recent post on here asking if Betfair were phasing out the exchange in favour of their newly launched Sportsbook product.

The main reason for this question was the fact that it seemed like Betfair were making it awkward for users, especially new ones, to find the exchange product. Someone who is new to Betfair might click on the website at the moment and not even be aware of the exchange. This would obviously be bad news for the traders as less new traders getting on board means less newbies to profit from and less liquidity spread around the sports events.

However, it seems that Betfair are now reversing (slightly) their push on the sportsbook and actually listening to user feedback on this matter.

In this customer feedback thread, Betfair have announced they will be making changes in order to make the exchange more accessible to the average joe punter.


They said “Thanks to everyone who voted, your opinion counts and we recognise that introduction of the Sportsbook may have made navigating to the Exchange site more difficult. The Exchange is what makes Betfair unique and remains central to who we are and what we do. We believe the Sportsbook is a complementary product and will strengthen the Exchange. Surveys show that many new users initially find the Exchange to be too complex and are more likely to learn about, and start to use, the Exchange if they are first introduced to a simpler product. The Sportsbook will, therefore, still be the default landing experience for new customers.”
This is better then nothing I guess however if the exchange really is “too complex” for new users then how has Betfair managed to survive for over a decade?

Also, surely these punters can be introduced to the hundreds of other sportsbooks on the web before then deciding themselves to try and use Betfair? I am pretty sure that is how most people reading will have got started anyway.

It does not seem like Betfair are scrapping the sportsbook product anytime soon so we will all have to make do with it however it would be great if they could convert more sportsbook users into exchange users as it would boost liquidity. I think (or hope) Betfair have a plan to do this but only time will tell.



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  1. If Betfair make money from the Exchange, which they do, they aren’t going to scrap it anytime soon. Their Exchange is unique, their Sportsbook isn’t.

    1. Sports Trading Life says:

      Hi Simon,

      That definitely seems like the correct logic however their recent actions have suggested otherwise which has been worrying. However, They will not be scrapping the exchange totally you can be sure of that.

  2. Betfair’s exchange works well for a lot of punters. Unfortunately the exchange has been resisted by a number of countries. Exchange growth potential is way less than the size of the Sports Book Market. It makes business sense to adapt and transform so that live to see another day.

    Saying that, the Exchange will always have an appeal to the more “sophisticated” gamblers. Making it a tad harder for the Exchange users to navigate to will simply annoy them. No harm done? Perhaps some of their sharper clients have continually relied up BF’s growth to take advantage of newbies are now feeling the pinch, so widening the net is appropriate.

    Maybe the new lure makes sense?

    1. Sports Trading Life says:

      Hi Gary,

      Thanks for the comment, definitely a good point to take on board. Time will tell I guess!

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