Profit Maximiser Review: Is It Any Good?

 profit maximiser reviewHere is my review of PROFIT MAXIMISER. There is a lot of talk on the web about how there is some seriously easy money to be made with this and claims of £1000 within 1 month are also being made. There are also the usual doubters and cynics as you can imagine.

 Anyway, I have logged in and tried it all out myself, so if you were interested in signing up then you should probably read this first…

 What is Profit Maximiser?

 You can take a quick look at it all here, but at first glance it sounds like some sort of software however it is actually a “members only” website full of risk free and low risk offers that can be cashed out using various methods that Mike explains step by step and also via video instruction. This can be via arbitrage style betting but Mike has now thrown in more unique opportunities also. If you used the original Bonus Bagging then you should easily understand how this works.

 The offers that are included within the members area are different from those included within Bonus Bagging. This is like a more advanced version of it all with lots of quite lucrative offers to get stuck into. These do include casino and spreadbetting offers. Not all of these are risk free but those that are not risk free are clearly marked. The offers that are not risk free still have a positive expectation and you should, more then likely, profit from the majority of them. If not then losses will not be that big in the grand scheme of things.

 How Does It Work?

 As soon as you sign up you get sent your email and password and you login and there you go. Nothing to download or install which is a relief!

 The members area is very well organised with a “Start Here” tab then tabs leading to the offers and the forum. The start here page offers training videos, so if you are not quite sure how it all works then these are essential viewing. Mike then suggests starting with casino offers before slowly moving to the bookmaker offers. I assume this is to build your bank up but if you already have a decent bank you could probably just do whatever you choose at any point.

 The forum is operated via Facebook. If you do not want to use your own facebook details then you can set up another account and email Mike but do remember this is a private forum and what you do within it will not be viewable to your friends and family. The forum looks to be very useful with everyone helping eachother out with tips on how to do the offers.

 From the looks of the members area there are also many more forthcoming offers which is very interesting and encouraging for those who are signed up. You will definitely get more then your moneys worth.

 Why Use Profit Maximiser?

 I can imagine there will be some reading and wondering why you should pay money just to be introduced to offers that you could probably find on Google if you looked yourself.

 Well, firstly, Mike has tested all the offers himself and also gives you a video showing you how he did the offer and you can literally “look over his shoulder” and follow what he does to make the maximum profits from each offer. If you want to work out how to do this yourself and find all the offers yourself then you can but this can be very time consuming and also dangerous if you end up on a rogue website.

I have to admit to being sceptical about just what sort of offers will be included within the area since Bonus Bagging covers a fair amount already. However, I was pleasantly surprised to see some pretty lucrative bookmaker offers that I had never seen before and the area also states that more will be emailed to me also. This type of thing is the reason why it is worth signing up since if you want to use a new bookmaker then you have to keep searching around and even when you do find one then you have no idea if it is safe or not. The fact that Mike does all the offers himself is enough to make you feel assured.

 Regular readers of this site will be particularly interested in the “Bet365 Loophole” that Mike has unearthed and there is a full video explaining how to do it. At the time of writing there is currently about 7 casino offers with 4 of those risk free and 1 Spreadbetting offer. However, there are about 3 that will be added to that and will probably be added by the time you sign up. The forthcoming spread betting offers add up to a potential of £600 so I am particularly looking forward to doing them. The videos are definitely a big help when it comes to spreadbetting as even I was a little confused by how it works!

 What are the negative points about Profit Maximiser?

 All the above really is as good as it sounds and to give a full rounded review we need to look at potential negative points.

 The first that I can think of is that you need to be a UK or Ireland resident to make the most of the offers. This is simply because a lot of these companies view foreign countries as being more risky due to history of bonus abuse. Thankfully, the UK has a huge amount of “mug punters” so the bonus abuse is not as big a problem. So, if you do not live in the UK or Ireland then this product will be wasted on you.

 Also, many may argue that if you constantly only do bonus offers then you will eventually get your account with that company closed or limited. This is not guaranteed to happen but it CAN happen, however, if it does happen then… So what??

Personally, I am in this game to make money not lose it and bookmakers will only keep your accounts alive if you are losing to them. I have been banned from bonuses and limited to small bets myself by a few big name bookmakers, including Ladbrokes & Sportingbet, but I can not say I have lost sleep over it. If I really am desperate to place a bet there is always other bookmakers, there is always Betfair and there are always shops. I simply do not buy into the argument that using things like bonus bagging or profit maximiser are not worth it since you may lose your bookmaker account. Just to clarify, they very rarely close your account completely, they rather limit you to making very small bets at any one time. If this happens withdraw your money and find another one.

 Also, it is worth considering that whilst Profit Maxmiser is a money making opportunity it will not make you rich. This is just because there are only so many offers out there at anyone time and so scaling it up is not possible. This is important to understand as your own personal aims may differ from the next person. If you are happy to make some extra money every month then this is ideal however if you are aiming to make huge money (I.e 5 figures per month) then you are probably better off looking at other investment opportunities.


 This really is as good as it sounds although I can imagine many will be sceptical I am sure. At the end of the day, you have to take risks to get anything in life and this is pretty low risk in the grand scheme of things. Especially as there is a 30 day money back guarantee if you do not make any money within 30 days.

 From the sheer amount of offers included within the members area I can see that it is possible to make £1000 within 30 days but that might require being involved every day at some point. I would expect the average user to generate at least £500 profit within the first month if using every other day.

 You can try Profit Maximiser risk free here


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  1. This is a very accurate review. I never used Bonus Bagging and took the DIY route with matched betting. I have subscribed to PM due to the use of casino/games/spreads etc. The videos are very reassuring when attempting to turn such offers into cash. I have easily covered my subs and look forward to using all the offers throughout the year as I go steadily along.
    The Forum is developing and I have been alerted to offers there which have led to extra winnings.It is perhaps a little crowded as more people come on board and may benefit in the future from being hosted by a special provider rather than facebook.

    I am always very sceptical about subscribing to such things but found the 30 day guarantee to ‘suck it and see’ very useful – As I’m still there it obviously works for me.

    So if you are a cautious person who wants to learn how to extract online bonuses from bookies etc this is a good resource – just needs a bit of time and you can soon pay for next years holiday or contribute a bit more to the kids Uni expenses!

    1. Sports Trading Life says:

      Thanks for the constructive comment Pete.

  2. John Doherty says:

    What kind of starting bank do you need to make the most of PM? Thanks in advance.

    1. Sports Trading Life says:

      Hi John,

      The lowest is probably about £300, but if you had around £500 you could start flying through it and making money. Do remember, the bank is never actually at risk and is more of a “float” rather then an investment if you get what I mean.

      1. John Doherty says:

        Appreciate the reply! Have used his Bonus Bagging service, was brilliant. Signed up to Arbitrate system to but struggled with that. Didn’t have a big enough bank to make it plausible. This might sound more realistic for me though! Cheers 🙂

  3. lewis cray says:

    I don’t do social media. Does this mean I’d have to set up a Facebook account in order to join the forum? If so,could I set the page up in a ‘pen name’ rather than use my own name?


    1. Sports Trading Life says:

      Hi Lewis,

      Yes, you just let Mike know which account you will be using and he will grant you access. No need to really maintain your account or keep it active etc.

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