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I cant contain my excitement any longer!

Here is the Total Football Trading package that you will have been hearing about.

I am going to talk you through some of the details so you can make an informed decision. This is something that is aimed at those who are serious about their sports trading and so if you are after a get rich quick scheme then you should turn away now!

I have been working on this project with 2 other full time football traders over the past few months and now its finally ready I can say I am very happy with it personally and I expect that you will be too.

What You Will Be Getting:

The Total Football Trading package includes 4  ebooks with advice on trading football and TEN strategies. The books themselves are highly detailed with over 115 pages in all and every strategy is broken down into steps along with illustrations, screen-shots and a detailed write up.

Once you sign up as a TFT member you will gain access to the members area and you can read the books and the methods from there.

Book 1: Book 1 doesn’t feature any strategies as such but is certainly crammed with important trading advice. The type of thing that might seem obvious to some traders but could be the reason that certain traders can’t make a consistent profit. Well worth reading just so you can get into the right mindset before you trade. This book is the type of book you should always refer to if you have a bad trading day.

Book 2: The first 3 strategies in book two are the ones contributed by myself. They are the “paper chaser”, “day trader” and the “power hour” method. These all focus on ways to trade the pre-match markets. I know a lot of people are interested in this side of things and I have shown you some really low risk and high reward ways to profit before the match even starts. I show you the same indicators I use to enter the markets when I trade pre-match and you will see working examples of me doing just that!

I appreciate that not everyone has all day every day to do their trading but with the onset of mobile trading via apps and the fact you can access the internet from almost everywhere these days I now believe that these methods should be easier to use. I know some people don’t like to spend too much time at the computer doing their trades and so the pre-match methods might not be for everyone. However, if you are willing to put in the necessary work then you will have great rewards.

Book 3: The next book is all about in-running strategies and features the Golden Goal & Silver goal methods. I used these at the end of last season and they are really excellent. They aren’t actually trading methods technically however the criteria given within the book will give you a very good chance of winning an in-play bet. I was using the silver goal on many of matches at the end of the premier league season and didn’t find a loser. Perhaps it was a lucky run but there is still great potential.

In the same book you also get the in and out method which is actually quite a well known method in my view. However, it’s broken down with proper rules which should make this much easier to trade. Once you see how easy this method is when you pick the correct matches this should be a big earner for you and will make taking a loss on this trade much easier too.

The Double Bubble method has also been great on the matches I tried it on. It is one of those methods which needs at least one goal to be scored in order to be profitable however there can be some great rewards after that. I am looking forward to seeing how this performs in the coming football season. I practised on some of the friendly matches recently and it was still very good however I want to see how it goes in the long term.

Book 4:

LTD Reloaded is an alternative to the original Lay the draw method. I would much prefer to use this method then the original one as you can make better profits. I know of a few people that worked this strategy out for themselves and so its not exactly exclusive however yet again the book gives you the correct criteria and trading rules to follow.

The Bosman method is something I really like the look of. Many people have searched for years for a way to guarantee a profit by trading certain markets. This one is as close to being that as I have seen. You will be doing a bit of trading on two certain markets and you should have a risk free bet within the opening stages of the match. I tried this on many matches and the only way you can take a loss was if the favourite scored in the first few minutes, however even when I did take a loss it wasn’t that big. I am very excited about this one in particular. Once you have the risk free bet you can trade it out at lower odds if you like too. I am very excited about using it.

The underdog method involves laying the underdog in certain matches with certain conditions. You should have a high strike rate with this one and it’s very easy to operate. As with all the other strategies you will get clear, precise instructions on the best way to do this to ensure a long term profit. I wouldn’t say this method is particularly exclusive however its all about knowing the correct entry and exit points that will allow you to profit in the long term.

So Overall…

So overall it’s an excellent package when you consider the one-off price and something that should keep you busy when the new season begins. I am obviously going to be biased but I believe I would be saying the same thing regardless of where I picked it up.





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  1. Hi,

    I bought the book and am very happy with my purchase. I have now read it twice and feel very knowledge-enhanced. Can not wait for the season starts so you can try out their newfound skills.

    Martin In Sweden.

  2. Hi Ben,

    Just wanted to say i am very happy with the Total football trading manual. Some really good systems in there and i would recommend it to everyone. I have never traded football pre kick-off before but will be now.

    Cheers mate.

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