Bonus Bagging Review: Basically FREE Money?

Mike Cruickshank is a professional bonus bagger and is taking home a regular tax-free income courtesy of the bookies on a monthly basis. This might be hard to believe for some but its true and I have done it myself. Bonus Bagging is something I used to do many years ago and I made plenty of cash from it before I turned to trading full time, so I am glad to see the opportunity is still there for those who want to make some basically FREE money!

Anyway, Mike has launched a service, entitled “Bonus Bagging”, which is helping others do the same, so we caught up with him for a quick chat.


Bonus Bagging ReviewHey Mike, I am sure most readers know of the bonus bagging concept, and if they don’t they can find out more from your site, so let’s get into it and talk money! How much do you think you have earned from bonus bagging and how much is possible to earn on a monthly basis?

I have earned a fortune from Bonus Bagging over the years, a figure in the tens of thousands! I think once people have a little experience then a monthly income of around £300 – £500 is easily achievable

Can you reveal the most you have made in one go from a bookies bonus?

The most I won was £190 from the Bet 365 new sign up offer!!! (Probably about 10 minutes work too!)

If you tell people that you have a method of making money for free and with virtually no risk, what is the normal reaction?

Most people think I am talking rubbish! They say that bookmakers closed loopholes like this years ago. But this is not the case, a spokesperson for William Hill said they had no problem with this use of free bets!

Most people only stick to the bookies offers. You do casino and spread-betting offers too? Are you finding these lucrative?

I personally find these a lot more lucrative. Sporting index have a £300 total goals free bet, when cashed out is worth around £200. Not bad for placing 6 bets and is risk free. A lot of people say casino bonus bagging is dead, they are wrong as I have found over 100 decent opportunities this year so far

Can you reveal the most you have won in one go from a casino offer?

I once won £750 for a £30 slots bonus!

So how does your service work? Do you do all the hard work for your members?

Bonus BaggingYes, when a member wants a bet, all they do is send me an email. Within a few minutes I will reply with a freshly worked out bet. All casino offers are delivered by autoresponder and when ever I find out about about reload / refund offers I send an email to all my members! We also have casino bonus calculators so they can calculate is the bonus is worth taking or not. If they ever get stuck with any bonuses then they can ask & I reply promptly. Everything is written so anybody could understand it, I could not make this any easier for people!

What are your future plans? Do you ever plan to look into sports arbitrage at all?

I am currently working on horse racing / golf arbitrage software. It is very easy to exploit those high prices to make an easy large profit that does not require huge stakes. This is another very low risk method to make decent monthly profits.

Finally, How much can someone expect to make initially if they started today?
It depends how many bookmaker accounts they have but I would say even with a few accounts you should be able to make £1000 initially!

So there you have it, If you haven’t done your bonus bagging yet then you have a risk free £1000 waiting for you. For those that are hoping to build up a bank for their trading then this is something that needs to be done. Best thing is that Mike is promising to refund your money if you dont make it back, so you really have nothing to lose!

 You can check out the Bonus Bagging Website Here!


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  1. Well, he explained it very nice, and I have no doubt there will be people who will pay those 37, oppsss, sorry, 27 bucks.

    However, do you think bookies are stupid, and happy to give away their money? Your method may have worked when you placed bets yourself; however, once a dozen or two of people try to exploit the same opportunity, bookies will close their accounts quickly, or limit their stakes to pointless level.

    Additionally, Mike says his method can easily cash in a grand. He’s giving the secret to win that grand for 27 quid; that means he’s either nuts, either another Mother Theresa…

    …either he found that bookies indeed closed all loopholes, so instead of earning those hundreds as he [maybe] used to do, he tries now to earn by selling methods that have been exhausted long time ago.

    I bet it’s this last option! :]

  2. Sports Trading Life says:

    Hey Froment,

    Thats an interesting response however it is still alive and well. I actually got a free £100 from Bet365 just last week and made £90 from it so I know it still works. I simply dont have time for it as I concentrate on trading.

    Some bookies HAVE closed this loophole, whilst some have lowered their offer. However, there will be some which will probably never close it as they need new customers and by offering bonuses is the best way to get them.

    Mike said that you can still make around £500 a month from it. Thats a decent amount to make risk free however its not going to make you rich hence the reason that Mike is offering a service.

    There really is no scam to this otherwise it wouldnt be featured on this site!

  3. I don’t like these kind of interviews. I love this blog. The interviews from genuine traders are great. This is better than the guy at bet 72. I was really disappointed when you promoted that guy.

  4. Sports Trading Life says:

    Hey Chris,

    Its all about trying to cover all aspects of gambling and trading.

    Dont worry, there will be some more trader interviews coming up!

  5. The bookies are raising the offers not lowering them

    Bet 365 – £200 free bet
    Stan James £120 free bet
    Paddy power – £100 free bet
    Sporting Bet £100 free bet
    Ladbrokes – £50 free bet
    Betfred – £50 free bet

    Anybody thinks that this is dead is very wrong.

  6. john - yorkshire says:

    Froment (and for everyone else’s benefit),

    You are very wide of the mark. As someone who is using this and making money then IT DOES WORK! The reason Bookies still provide ‘giveaways’ is just like your Retail peoples have ‘loss leaders’ to get folks initial interest and then hopefully get them coming back more and more and SPENDING their own money!

    What you will find is that Mike provides a ‘Rolls Royce’ service where you get everything worked out for you and he does it all, including all calculations – to maximise each deal, and as oneother guy said on MMR (More Money Review) he (mike) does everything except press the button. What you need to understand is that the whole method usually revolves around getting a BACK bet on with the Bookies Free Bet, whilst LAYING with Betfair, and then you have a winning deal whichever way the result goes.

    Sure, it’s NOT a ‘get rich quick’ scheme and clearly you can only earn a limited amount, but to be able to make £300 to £500 in a month for a one off payment of £27 is extremeely good value.

    For anyone still doubtful just look at ALL THE POSITIVE COMMENTS ON MMR about it from literal dozens of people who are making money using it. It is GENUINE, GOOD VALUE AND IT WORKS.As someone who has looked at literally hundreds of money making opportunities over the last 30 years this is one of the best ‘risk free’ opportunities i have EVER SEEN to make a decent second income. Lastly Mike has told us that he’s developing a Members Site which should soon enhance these excellent services even further! Best of luck , John

  7. Thanks for reply, Admin! 🙂

    You are right, I agree to some extent, but anyway, I usually have the animosity towards paid strategies; as once said, the best strategy is to sell a strategy to some loser! :}

    I second Chris’ opinion about this blog – there have been many great posts, and I like to read it; but this post is certainly not the one I will read twice! 🙂

    Regards! 🙂

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