I Got The Power!

Phil “The Power” Taylor yesterday made a mockery of those who have doubted if he does actually still have the power. He clinched the World Matchplay of Darts 2011 in comfortable fashion defeating James Wade 18-8.

Phil Taylor was priced @ 1.25 to beat Wade which looked a bit short before the match but in hindsight seems like a gift. From the way James Wade was talking in his post match interview you got the impression he didn’t personally believe he would beat Taylor last night either.

The big tournament is the World Championship which happens traditionally around Christmas time and if Taylor’s form is actually back then he should comfortably reclaim his crown. Taylor hardly needed to break sweat last night and his in running price never went much higher then 1.31. So it was easy money for those who were backing “The Power”!

To be fair, it was a bit of anti-climactic finish to an entertaining week of darts in Blackpool. The highlight being one of the most amazing 1.01 turnarounds you are ever likely to see!

Personally, Just from this week I have certainly learnt much more about trading darts in general. There are always many low laying and also low-risk opportunities that arise during a match which you can take advantage of. Probably, my favourite darts trading strategy is to simply Lay the player who has one dart left to win a leg. If they score the point then the odds don’t sway too much against you but if they miss (and they often do) then you can get massive swings of 30 to even 80 ticks in some particular matches if the other player then goes and finishes.

I observed a few matches which saw some players trade below 1.10 and then rise and trade above 2! There are swings all over the place and if you manage your risk correctly there can be some good money to be made.

Liquidity wasn’t too great in the earlier rounds but it picked up as the week went on. We have a tournament on ITV4 starting from the 28th July. I will check it out and see if the liquidity is there, but if not I will back for the next big Sky tournament in October!

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