Closer Look At: The H-Bomb Strategy

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 The H-Bomb Strategy

The H-Bomb StrategyThe H-Bomb strategy is one of the five strategies available in the Dynamic Football Trading Package. This method appears to be a close relation, or a sister strategy to the time bomb method in the same package.

This strategy also involves the goal markets and you will actually be entering 2 markets at the same time. These markets include 2 from Over 1.5 Goals, Over 2.5 Goals and Over 3.5 Goals. The risk-reward ratio is about 1:1 on average but profit returns will vary depending on how the match develops and also the decisions YOU make.

 The good thing about the strategy is the fact that you usually only need 1 goal to put yourself into a RISK FREE position. This obviously does not always happen but it can be quite a relief to be able to sit back and just wait to see what happens and how much money you will eventually be making. Even when this does not happen you can still find yourself making the profits if goals arrive late. The most exciting aspect of this is the potential to make big profits when you get the right match. Sometimes you might have big profits on both markets already that you can “play with” on the other goal markets. If you catch a match that has a goal frenzy in the late stages then these can be very profitable and you are not even risking any of your own money at this point either.

 The bad point about this strategy is the lack of exit point. This is a strategy where you let it expire till the final whistle. The author says he feels this is the best way after testing for years but I think many traders will feel more comfortable with having a designated exit point also. It can also be frustrating if the one goal you need arrives too late to actually do anything with it.

 The decision making process is also not as simple as some might like. Many newbies often want a clear answer on what to do in certain scenarios but the author gives pointers about what to do and suggests you need to follow the in-play indicators he describes. This is obviously ok when following only one match but when trying to trade multiple matches it can be a bit overwhelming.

 Overall, this is a very valid strategy and one that will suit the aggressive traders very well. There is no better feeling then seeing risk free green ££ amounts on your screen and the more strategies that trade this way the better. If you are a football trader who likes to trade in favour of goals being scored this should be a very exciting strategy to use.

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