Being a Popcorn Trader

popcorn traderA summer without a major tournament always seems twice as long for a football trader and I am eagerly awaiting the next 10 months of entertainment and the usual controversy that goes with it. Currently, the Betfair Football In-play coupons are a minefield with so many friendly matches happening.

One word of advice, do not get involved with friendly matches.

It can be so tempting to give them a go however you will be much better off staying well clear. The main reason is that it’s hard to judge each teams motivation for actually wanting to win the match. Most managers just use these matches to get their players back in shape and don’t worry too much about the final result. Also, don’t even get me started about how poor the Liquidity is in some of these matches!

The Popcorn Trader

"Thank god, I didnt lay the draw on this one"

I have had quite a few really positive emails from those who got the Total Football Trading package and most sound really excited about trying out

the new strategies within them. I have to remind everyone that it’s important you hold back until the real business starts next week.
In the mean time, it won’t hurt to become a popcorn trader for a bit.

Simply sitting and watching an event, whilst watching the markets at the same time without getting involved can be very beneficial. Preferably, eating some popcorn at the same time too.

I have been doing some popcorn trading on sports I am not quite used to trading yet, such as golf and even Baseball! The liquidity on Baseball was very poor but Golf trading looks like something full of opportunity. By simply watching and not getting involved I was able to get a much clearer view of what causes the markets to react in certain ways.

So with a whole host of mickey mouse football tournaments on this weekend, don’t be tempted to start trading them with real money. Save your money and just paper trade, or popcorn trade, the matches. Exercises like this will put you in good stead once the real stuff starts next week.

The Championship kicks off on August 6th with the Premier League the week after! Make sure you are prepared!


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