Can You Trade Tennis Without Watching The Match?

tennis scoreboard tradingToday I am going to look at a question I often get emailed to me by those who are new to my Dynamic Tennis Trading course.

I often get asked if watching the match live as you trade is “really that important” and can they trade just following the scorelines on Bet365 or Flashscores.

I know that those asking that question have clearly not read my course yet as if they did they would know I am strong advocate of “watching everything you trade”.

Your best asset when trading live sport is by being able to see what is unfolding in front of you and reacting to it. I can talk from experience as when I first started out it was a bit trickier to get a good stream of a tennis match and so I had no choice but to use the scoreboards. However, these days there are no excuses and you should always have live pictures in front of you to give you the “full picture” if it were.

Here are some reasons never to trade only using the live scores instead of pictures:

You Do Not Know What Is Going On

This might sound obvious but you really do need to know what is going on. I have traded matches where a player picks up an injury but carries on and you can see this if you are watching live but if watching just the scores you will not have a clue and the markets will start to act very strange in front of you. I have also sat there waiting for a point to be served thinking my live scores and Betfair had frozen only to find that there was a rain delay.

Live Scores Are Not Always Reliable

I used to trade with live scores and sometimes the score I was seeing was not correlating with how the markets were moving. The scoreboard might say a player is about to serve but then I am already seeing the markets moving as if a point has been scored. At this point I wonder what has happened? Has a player picked up an injury? Have they dropped their racket? In most cases, it just means the scoreboard has frozen but it just underlines how you need to have live pictures in order to understand everything you are seeing.

Impossible To Read The Match

Finally, it makes it nigh on impossible to get a good read on the match. By watching the match live you are getting a good idea of just how each player is performing and just how into the match they are. This can create lots of the mini-opportunities that often crop up in a tennis match and can only be identified if you are watching the pictures.

To clarify…

As home tennis traders we are not watching the live pictures in order to try and beat the clock or snipe the markets. We are just watching in order to be able to spot good value opportunities and this can really only be done by watching the live pictures. These days, there really is no excuse for trading just using the scoreboard and you should avoid doing it until you have lots of tennis trading market experience.
I am not saying you can not do well using only the scoreboard. Those who are very experienced with tennis trading can certainly do well trading this way but if you are new to this game then you need to be watching as much as possible!


I cover match reading and a whole host of other things in my Dynamic Tennis Trading course. There are 5 strategies included BUT the main emphasis is on trading dynamically and reacting to events as you see them develop. As said, this is the future of tennis trading on Betfair and probably the only way you can profit on this sport these days!

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