Slicer Secret HOLY GRAIL Strategy “No Losses” [NEW VIDEO]

Following on from a post that we first did around 10 years ago, we are taking an updated look at the mysterious Dr Slicer Secret Bet.

This was a football trading strategy that apparently guaranteed a profit by taking advantage of an inefficiency in the Betfair market.

Doing this and you could make a 9-12% return on your money every single time.

Check the video below to see our latest update on it and a theory as to what the strategy was along with a real life example of it!

A football betting strategy that will ALWAYS win? Is the Dr Slicer Secret Betting Strategy a myth or is it actually true?

In 2008, a member of the Betfair forum called “Dr Slicer” posted to reveal that he had found a way to take advantage of a market inefficiency on Betfair. This would allow him to ALWAYS win and NEVER take a loss.

Basically, every time he placed bets using this strategy he would make a 9-12% return.
This sort of thing is what every trader dreams about and after Slicer revealed some hints as to what the strategy was it then led to many people trying to figure it out for themselves.

Some claimed to have cracked the code, others couldn’t get their head around it.

But today in this video you will see what we believe was the secret strategy demonstrated on the Betfair Exchange.

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