5 Essential Professional Betting Tips

essential betting tipsWe have Peter from The Secret Betting Club join us to share some professional betting advice with the STL readers. If only more newbies read these tips and followed them then the whole betting community would be a much nicer place!

Here are 5 Essential Professional Betting Tips.

1) Be Realistic!

If I am honest, it’s highly unlikely you will go from nothing to making fortunes gambling in the space of a few months.

There are people making fantastic sums of money betting, (Over 1 in 5 SBC members admit to making over £10,000 betting in 2013 according to a recent survey we ran) yet they have often built up to that standard over a period of time.

Just as many New Year’s Resolutions flounder with unrealistic goals (e.g. developing a 6-pack in a week!), so too can your betting, therefore its key to set a goal you can actually achieve.

A fair goal would be something like aiming to make about £2500 in an average first year simply by following a few steady tipsters at normal stakes. That way you can ease yourself in, place a few bets each day and gradually build your way up.

In future years you can aim for a much higher profit but to start off aiming for huge wins only places unrealistic expectations on what you can achieve.

2) Be Prepared To Lose Sometimes!

Here is something lots of punters don’t want to consider when starting up…

When betting you will endure losing runs!

Not many people, be it punters or tipsters often like to admit it, but there you have it. Betting is often as much about enjoying the good times as learning how to cope with the bad.

Of course, long-term the goal is to make a strong profit, but there will always be lean times along the way as not every bet (or even every other bet) will win.

Take one particular low-staking football strategy I have been betting on this season (based on some top football tipsters ratings). Over 74 bets in a 5 week period in October and November I lost £182 and couldn’t make any in-roads whatsoever.

What happened next? I stayed firm and since the end of November, the following 73 bets made me £453 profit.

In total I was up £271 over a 3 month period with this one very simple method, but had I given up at the first sign of loss, I would be kicking myself.

You would be surprised how many people fall prey to giving up too easily and pay the price. Don’t be one of them!

3) You Don’t Have To LOVE The Sport You Bet On

A controversial topic, but my advice is to not restrict yourself to only betting on sports you actually enjoy.

After all, if a professional tipster can prove to you that betting on a certain sport is profitable and you find it easy to get the bets on, then it is worth following, regardless of whether you like it or not.

Take for example Rugby, not a sport I particularly dislike but equally not one I would say I am a massive fan of.

What I do know is that it can be a profitable sport to follow, as proven by one of the top-rated tipsters in our Hall of Fame. They give out regular tips on the sport and since March 2012 have made a 270 pt profit from 851 bets at a ROI of 21.96%.

Should I simply ignore these kind of profitable stats, simply as I am not a huge Rugby fan?

Not a chance and neither should you let this get in the way of making a profit betting on something similar.

4) Consider Not Watching The Event You Bet On Live

This 4th tip is another that a few of you may disagree with and whilst there are often good reasons to watch a bet unfold (e.g. observing the runners in a horse race) unless you absolutely have to watch it, my advice is to give it a miss unless you will be trading in-play.

This is because disconnecting from the emotion of a bet winning and losing makes it so much easier to cope with the ups and downs of punting.

Say you have £25 on a 20/1 shot to win and in-running it gets done in a photo-finish. I guarantee if you watch it live, your heart will be pumping and you will be sick as a dog afterwards. Had you simply checked the result after the race, yes you might be disheartened but you wouldn’t experience the same emotional highs and lows as it unfolded.

This is important as it helps detach you from the rush of winning and the hurt of losing that impacts so many, which can stop you thinking rationally. Go into any betting shop in the country and you will see plenty who fall prey to this.

This tips also connects with point 2 and dealing with losing runs as the more you get wrapped up in individual results, the less chance you have of making betting work for you long-term.

5) Open as Many Bookie Accounts As You Can!

It might seem an easy one to end with, but you would be surprised how many punters are missing out on extra betting profits simply as they don’t have enough bookie accounts open.

This morning I placed a string of bets, and was able to get near-enough best price on each of them as I have a wide range of bookie accounts open to me.

Often the difference in odds can be stark and as much as 10, 15 even 20% simply by placing a bet with the bookie offering the best price, rather than the average price.

If you are betting with just 1 or 2 bookies, take a few minutes to open up a few more bookmaker accounts. You can often gain instant access and be betting with them in no time at all, but most importantly get better odds.

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