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Hi guys,

So a quick update on everything related to the brand new football trading course with some good news and bad news below…

So as you may be aware, recently we surveyed and asked our readers and our VIP members to see exactly what they wanted from the forthcoming football trading course. And we got lots of great information that is now being channeled into creating precisely the course YOU want.

Over the past month, we have been working extremely hard to get this project off the ground, finished before Christmas and ready for the new year and the good news is I finally have more details to share with you….


Ultimate Football Trading. We decided upon this name since we want this to be the final ever football trading course you ever have to do. Personally, I want you to be able to sign up and have everything you need to learn within that one course. No need to buy any further products or courses after that.

UPDATE: We now have a full article page with all the latest news about UFT. Including the price, review and open dates. Check that out here!

The number of strategies you will get will be EIGHT. I thought that 8 methods was a good number as any more would be overwhelming and any less would be under serving. When you take this course I want you to be walking away with a portfolio of strategies to start trading with and a method to fit most scenarios that come up in football trading. Like I said, we want this to be the final football trading course you ever have to take.

Over 80% of those who took the survey said they were most interested in “in-play” football trading methods. So we got your back on this and made sure the whole course was focused on in-play this time.

Now for the interesting part….

An amazing 85%+ said they preferred video as their main way of learning the methods. Whilst, 75%+ said they had either taken a live seminar or was interested in going to one if it was convenient.

This was quite eye opening and made us realise… Why not combine both?

So this course will be a FULL HD video course and I want this to be like going to a live seminar or workshop but having it happen in your living room. The plus point of this is that you can pause, rewind and do the course at your own leisure. No need for you to book time off work, book a hotel, arrange travel and spend 2 days miles away from the comfort of your own home.

Oh and we are going to make it significantly cheaper than a live seminar would be too!

So EVERY method will be explained in full detail then followed by trading examples recorded LIVE on the Betfair interface. You will basically be looking over my shoulder as I trade the football games and seeing exactly how it is done. (I am already recording these videos, pretty nerve wracking at times!)

The key really is in watching the live trades happen since the methods “on paper” will only teach you so much. Like I said, I want you to be able to absorb all the information and not have a need to go anywhere else.

And, of course, we will show you the good, the bad and the ugly. So you will see LOSING trades too with analysis on what went wrong and what to do in these situations.

UPDATE: We now have a full article page with all the latest news about UFT. Including the price, review and open dates. Check that out here!

Now for the bad news….

But the bad news is that you will have to wait until January 2018 to be able to gain access and even then it is going to be a limited run. We currently have 5 beta testers signed up already for Christmas and then we will open access only to those who get the early bird VIP invite. This will be a small number of around 50 or so who get to be the first to experience the course and also get the only discount we will ever do on it. So keep an eye on your email to see if you get one.

We will also be putting up details on how you can apply for an invite on the STL blog so keep your eyes on here too.

The other bad news is that since we want Ultimate Football Trading to be the future and to be the ONLY course football traders ever need then it does not make sense to have other products available. So this means we will be retiring our current product line in the very near future. This includes Dynamic Tennis Trading, Dynamic Football Trading (already retired), The Trend Reports and Total Football Trading . So if you were interested in grabbing any of those products then I suggest you move quickly!

UPDATE: We now have a full article page with all the latest news about UFT. Including the price, review and open dates. Check that out here!


So I am pretty excited for you to see the final product once it is done. I really do not think there is any other football trading course like it out there and as said, the aim is to make this the ONLY football trading course you will ever need.


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  1. Looking forward to the new course. I first started learning and trading on sports during 2010, enjoyed the learning curve, the highs & the lows for the following three years and then stopped trading, due to life events that followed.

    I only recently picked trading back up again a couple of months ago (feels like I am starting all over again) and it’s uncanny that you are releasing a course with new material. Perfect timing!

    I previously purchased the Total Football Trading product, which I found very useful and informative. (I especially liked the “Double Bubble Method” and pre-match trading strategies).

    If you require any additional beta-testers, I am available.


    1. Sports Trading Life says:

      Sounds good Zak, good to have you on board!

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