Anyone Up for Darts Trading?

With the proper football seasons still seeming like ages away, I am strangely looking forward to the Darts World Matchplay 2011 which starts this Saturday evening. I have recorded some decent profits from the last few darts tournaments and I hope things can continue in this one too.

I am surprised that more people aren’t actively trying to learn how to trade the darts markets as they are just full of opportunities. You can expect to see markets swinging all over the place and if you manage your risk correctly there are many low-risk and high reward strategies that can pay off.  There is decent money in the darts markets but it still seems like an emerging market which might be the reason its so easy to make money from?

One of the key things about this particular tournament is the fact that the winner of a match must win by TWO clear legs. So if they are tied going into the final legs it is virtually sudden death till someone chokes on their throw. When this happens you can easily expect to see the markets swinging and flipping all over the place.


Phil Taylor to win?

Darts tradingPhil Taylor is the favourite to win the competition as you would probably expect. He is priced @ 2.80 which looks like good value however it just depends on which Phil Taylor turns up! The power has been strangely off-colour in the past year, hence the generous price. If he is at his best then he will easily win, however that’s a big if at the moment! Personally, I won’t be looking to back anyone in the winners market and will just be trading each match as it comes.

Last year, we saw a nine-darter by Raymond Van Barneveld and the odds on it happening again are 3.10 on Betfair. Considering, that a 9-darter has only happened twice in this tournaments history, perhaps opposing that price could be value. Backing “NO” for the 9 darter is currently priced @ 1.45 on Betfair and so if I had to choose I would definitely go with that!

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  1. Don’t get your logic on the 9 darter, surely this is a good opportunity for a lay trade ?

    As tournament progresses odds will shorten but an early 9 darter gives a healthy profit , especially @ 1.45.

    Surely lay @ 1.45 or back the 9 darter @ 3.1 ?

  2. Sports Trading Life says:

    Hey Plaw,

    You are incredibly correct and I think I have missed a trick here.

    I made that comment from a punting point of view but as you said, You could have put your money in the market and left it for a few days and took a small loss if the 9-darter didnt come.

    As im sure you are aware, the 9 darter came on the first day which would have made great profits following your strategy.


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