Big STL Announcement (Plus a favour to ask)

So Sports Trading Life is (almost) back. We have been quiet and off the radar for a couple of years but we are working hard on coming back and regaining our crown as being the number one resource for all things Betfair Trading. Soon we are going to have all new FREE content and a few new FREE things launched too. I am quite excited about the changes!

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But that was not the announcement that was promised in the title.

The big announcement is that we are (finally) working on a new football trading product. Only a good FOUR years after our previous release. But all good things come to those who wait!

Anyway, we have joined forces official with SES Trading which makes more sense for everyone and we are already putting in the initial groundwork on the new course.

However, we need a favour from YOU the Sports Trading Life reader. We need to know precisely what you want from a football trading product. This way there can be no fluff and no one wastes any time.

So we have a survey below that literally takes 5 minutes to complete and this will be a QUICK favour to all of us at STL as it should give us the information we need to make it happen for you guys.

Here is the link >

Once we have the survey completed we will be moving full steam ahead to have the new product ready for January 2018 (not long now!).

So I hope you can take the 5 minutes to fill it out, this is helping us to help you after all!

And watch this space for a lot more information, sneak peaks and surprises to come in the near future



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