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Hi guys, so after many, many, many emails and with hundreds of people on the waiting list I am happy (and relieved) to finally have some more information about Ultimate Football Trading. Everyday I get questions asking about the course cost, release dates, where to find reviews and even people wondering if this is a legitimate course worth taking.

Well this page will have all the answers you need…

So if you didn’t know UFT is my premium Betfair football trading video program for those who want to take their football trading to the next level and have an instant portfolio of strategies to move forward with.

This course is designed to replicate all the experience of a real life day seminar or workshop but from the comfort of your own home. Hours of tutorial videos, live over the shoulder football traders (wins and losses) and tips to get through. All with the ability to pause, rewind and even speed up the videos so you can watch in your own time when it is convenient for you.

Open Date

There is currently NO confirmed opening date, this course is closed indefinitely . We are working to upgrade and overhaul certain section of the course and currently there is no opening date until further notice. This course is NOT available to the public. Details on how to apply for an invite at the bottom of this post.

The Ultimate Football Trading course is perfect for:

  • Those new to Football Trading in general who know how to perform a trade and want to learn more advanced techniques and strategies.
  • Those who have dabbled with football trading for a while and have never quite cracked it but feel they are getting closer and need that extra push.
  • Those who come from matched betting who know how to use the exchange and want to explore something more lucrative.
  • Those who are open minded and willing to learn.

If that sounds like you then this course is probably perfect for you. This course is definitely NOT for those who already feel they know it all with football trading or those who are looking for a get rich quick scheme or magical guaranteed money loophole.

Why close the doors?

A question I get often is about why I can only open the doors a couple of times per year and the main reason is to be able to handle the support. I answer many of the emails myself in a fair amount of detail and that takes up a few hours per day, especially when the doors first open. So to free up my time to concentrate on doing what I love best I can only open this up a few times per year and handle everything in batches.

What do we get?

Included in the UFT super course is:

  • An INSTANT portfolio of proven football trading strategies
  • 8 methods for in-play trading
  • 10 detailed tutorial videos
  • Over 60 real life over the shoulder trading demonstrations
  • A host of top secret bonuses thrown in!

So if all of this interests you and you wish to receive an invite to join when we next open then fill out the below form with your best email address. This is NOT an obligation to buy, you can still review the course and other details before you sign up on the day.

Once you are on the list, just watch your email inbox for an email


This is for a one time invite. Make sure you submit an email address you check regularly.

Ultimate Football Trading Cost/Price

There have been many wondering what the cost of Ultimate Football Trading is.

The price when we open the doors for general enrollment ultimately depends on the demand on the waiting list. The more people on the list, the higher the price will have to be in order to ensure there is no overload of members signing up. This is one reason there is no set price and the price will only be confirmed on the opening day.

And keep in mind, that as the reputation of the course grows and more content is added and refined, the demand also grows so there is not much chance the price will ever decrease.

This is one reason why there is no point putting a price online right now since in the future it is very likely to have increased even higher. I would hate for you to be told one price only to be disappointed when it ends up being higher.

At the same time, it is important to consider that this is a PREMIUM video course and replicates everything you would expect from a live seminar that many people spend thousands of pounds to attend. As mentioned, I would charge a thousand pounds per day if someone wanted to learn from me one on one.

Plus you are getting more than 10 years worth of experience channeled into a single course that you could probably absorb over a weekend. It is hard to put a price on such things when you consider the time being saved and the skills being learned.

One thing is important to keep in mind, good courses aren’t cheap and cheap courses aren’t good!

All that being said, I think you will find that Ultimate Football Trading is very affordable and I have not had one single person tell me it isn’t worth the price they paid.

So as this is an invite only product, only those on the invite list will find out the current cost.

If you are interested you simply have to apply!


This is for a one time invite. Make sure you submit an email address you check regularly.

Ultimate Football Trading Reviews & Testimonials

There have been many people asking where they can read an unbiased review of Ultimate Football Trading which is only fair. However, I have found that many so called “review” sites are not totally unbiased and have their own interests or agendas. Many have their own products to push and so love to put other products down, whilst the majority are motivated by the affiliate commissions they can make by telling you a course is good when really it just puts good money in their own pocket.

So I did not want to get tangled up in that scene and so I refuse to give out any review copies.

I much prefer to let the members themselves do the talking and tell you about their own experiences with the course.

After all, this course might be perfect for some people but not right for others and that is what is worth focusing on.

So below you will find some experiences that have been shared by current UFT members and you can see what they think. Some are videos and some are images.

Note: The videos are not available to download.

Above is Trevor who previously did matched betting but now regularly makes 4 figures from one strategy alone which is the snowball method. He uses stakes between 100-200 pounds and since this is trading the full amount is rarely risked.

Below is a screenshot he shared with the community.

This video is from Dean of The Betting Guy fame, an awesome betting podcast. Dean joined UFT on the first ever day and saw instant improvements in his football trading. He regularly uses fireball method to produce some lovely profits.

Above was Scott who joined during the world cup, as you can see he said joining UFT was a “no brainer” for him.

He did pretty well right away on the World Cup matches too!

And there are many more similar positive experiences that you can read and watch on the invite page when we open the doors again. If anything it would be great if you can also share your positive experiences with me in the future.

Most people who do well with Ultimate Football Trading are those who previously did matched betting but want something more lucrative, those who want to stop gambling the traditional way, those who like to gamble but like to do so with an edge and not just for fun and those who have been dabbling on Betfair for years with not much consistent success.

As mentioned, you have to get on the waiting list to get the chance to join next time we open.

Details below, and if you have any questions feel free to ask!


This is for a one time invite. Make sure you submit an email address you check regularly.


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