The 4 Different Ways To Trade Tennis On Betfair

how to trade tennis on betfairYou may have heard that Tennis Trading is currently the big gold mine on Betfair and so you might have investigated the markets and even dabbled with it. As with most things there is more then “one way to skin a cat” and Tennis Trading is no different.

There are actually various different ways you can approach the markets and some are listed here. Some tennis traders stick to one whilst most will combine a few or all of them when trading the tennis markets. Have a look and see if there is something that will fit your style.


It is possible to scalp the tennis markets in-play and this is a great skill to learn alongside the other strategies. This usually involves backing one player from point to point and just gaining lots of small tick gains. For example, if you back the server before he serves and he scores the next point you will easily gain 3-4 ticks depending on the market situation. If you are good at reading the game you can learn how to know which players to be backing and at which points to ensure you win more of those scalps then you eventually lose.

Swing Trading

This is the type of tennis trading where you are looking for a big swing in the odds in order to close your trade and take a profit. This is a bit more of a long term trade then a simple scalp and might just involve backing a player before their service game, waiting till they win it and closing the trade after scoring a nice “swing” of 10 ticks. This is obviously less intense then scalping as you do not have to be as quick.

Position Taking

Position taking is similar to swing trading but I would put it in a slightly different category. This might be the trader who decides that he is going to “Back Player A from the start” and look to close for a profit. Or he might decide to “Back Player B going into the second set”. This is a very low intensive way to trade tennis as you might only be making one or two trades per game and definitely suits a newbie. In theory, it also suits those who have a good knowledge of the sport of tennis also who might not even need to watch the match in order to know that they should be “backing player b if they go a break point down in the first set” and etc.

The Low Layer

I know some traders who specialise in this sort of tennis trading and it does them well. These are the traders who will only get involved in a match once a player goes down to some low odds like below 1.20 or below 1.10 even. They will decide if there is still a chance the underdog could get back in to the match and lay the player who is far out ahead and grab some big winnings if the comeback does happen. The best part about doing this sort of trading is that in most cases you should be able to at least break even as outlined in the “turnaround” trade strategy within Dynamic Tennis Trading. The tennis markets are so jumpy that this is a strategy with high rewards for low risk but you obviously have to be patient as not every player is going to choke from a winning position.

Look closely at any tennis market and you will often see lots of money waiting to be matched at odds of 1.05 down to 1.01. There is a reason for that 😉

And if you want to know anymore about tennis trading then be sure to check out our beginners guide to tennis trading.


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