Do you need multiple monitors to trade on Betfair?

multiple monitors betfairMany people do email in and ask just how many monitors I trade with on Betfair and if you need to have multiple monitors in order to become profitable. You may have seen the blogs of some of the big earning Betfair traders who will show you their set up and a few of those look pretty space age and like something out of star trek.

So is this all necessary? Do you really need multiple monitors if you want to trade Betfair profitably?

The answer to this question is… it depends.

Personally, I trade with ONE really big monitor at my desk. I trade football and tennis mainly and so the only information I really need is usually coming from my TV screen. So, technically maybe I use 2 monitors to trade with but it really is just the one single computer monitor. These days it is possible to buy big monitors which can easily keep a few different screens within your screen which means that having multiple monitors is not so important.

It also depends on the type of trading you do. Those who trade pre-match or pre-race probably need multiple monitors much more then those who trade in-play. This is because you will want to have all your news sources available at a glance.

I trade pre-match and have coped OK without it but life would probably be a bit easier if I had a second monitor on during the day just showing me the markets I have open so I can quickly glance over to them and potentially catch any bad moves against me. As it is, I just keep my Bet Angel software running in the background and just check my positions every now and then. This is just what I am comfortable with and there is no right or wrong here.

I appreciate that I have not given a straight answer to this question as probably only YOU can answer this since it is different for every trader. Do you feel like you are missing out on important information by not having a second or third monitor running alongside your main one? If so then YES get multiple monitors but for the majority of us there is not as much need to do that these days.


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