/ / CRAZY Football Trading Video – £30 into £500 within 90 Minutes

CRAZY Football Trading Video – £30 into £500 within 90 Minutes

Low Risk, High Reward football trading is definitely a more advanced form of football trading and something only the more experienced football traders can pull off with good success.

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In this video, I demonstrate how I got involved in a football match from the Asia Cup that proved to be a great opportunity for trading on the goals market.

I explain how I got in the Over/Under 4.5 Goals market with just a £30 risk and ended up making a profit of £500.

Not bad for 90 minutes work.

If you want to see how it was done then watch this video.

What you will discover:

  • The FULL Trade From Entry To Exit
  • How I Created a HUGE Free Bet By Half Time
  • Every MOVE Within The Overall Trade (There were multiple bets made)
  • Why I Got In The Market (And WHY I Stayed In)
  • How Important “Match State” Can Be For Trading
  • And much more!


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