UFT Announcement #3 – Fireball 2.0

So this is IT!

The final announcement of THREE big ones this week. (If you missed number one click here, or number 2 click here)

And this is the BIGGEST one of all and HUGE news for UFT members both present and future.

Released this Friday October 1 will be Fireball 2.0.

A new and improved version of the classic Fireball strategy.

As many of you know, the football markets are always evolving and so Ultimate Football Trading has to evolve with it.

The previous Fireball method was getting harder to use with the direction that the goal markets were moving in during the previous few years. They are getting tighter and more stubborn.

It went from being a great method for newbies to one many newbies were struggling to get to grips with and only the more experienced traders were making it work.

So something had to change.

It has also been 3 years since the first release of this and in that time my own ability to teach things and articulate meaning has improved. So I am now in a position to explain things much better and ensure everyone has a full understanding of it.

What you can expect in Fireball 2.0:

A new and improved formula that will maximise time in the market (AND maximise profits.)

Improved direction on Entry prices and how to pick the matches out.

A risk mitigation method to deploy when a stalemate situation rears its heads. (0-0 deadlock? Do this and possibly get your loss down to zero!)

Advanced Profit MULTIPLICATION techniques (not happy with taking small profits? Do this and double or triple them!)

This example here from a recent Championship match is included…

Anyway, this is possibly the BIGGEST change we have done to the UFT course since she was born and I am confident you will love it.

For current UFT members this will be LIVE in your account (no extra charges) this Friday October 1 so login and check it out then. Looking forward to seeing how you get on with it!

If you are interested in joining UFT, you can get on the waiting list here. Doors open to new members on Friday October 1.

Fireball 2.0 WILL be included for those who sign up this Friday.


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