Do You Need Good Tennis Knowledge To Trade Tennis on Betfair?

256776Do you know who the man is in the picture on the right? You probably already know it is Novak Djokovic but even if you don’t then it is apparently still possible to make money trading tennis according to today’s guest poster Peter Scott. Read on…

I have a common question emailed to me very often by those who are interested in joining Dynamic Tennis Trading. This is usually along the lines of “I have no idea about any tennis players, is that important for tennis trading?”.

This is actually quite a good question and I will try my best to answer it below.

My view is that having a good knowledge of tennis as a sport can be a help but it is certainly not necessary if you want to become profitable at tennis trading.

I am speaking from experience with this since I trade tennis on a daily basis and my knowledge is still not the best of the sport. My knowledge of tennis has certainly improved since I first started but I would still regard myself as being low on knowledge of the sport. This is much the same for other tennis traders I know who trade tennis for a living but only really have a good knowledge of the big players like Murray, Nadal, Djokovic, Federer etc.

The main reason for this is that most tennis traders only trade based on what they see happening in front of them on the court. If anything you should ignore the players names and just look at the players as Player A or Player B and try and trade it that way. This way you will find it much easier to spot the value.

Golden Nugget

I am going to give a little tip I often use when trading tennis which might be worth trying yourself.

What I sometimes do, is I will turn on a match on the TV or the stream and it might already be underway. I will look at the score and watch a few games but I will NOT look at the markets yet.

I will then get a random idea in my head about what the current prices will be on the markets for these players. Often I am not familiar with the players which makes this much more fun and there are many times I will watch a few games and think that Player A should be the favourite, only to log on to Betfair and discover that Player A is currently a 5.2 underdog and Player B is trading around 1.20. In these situations I decide to lay Player B obviously and because I have no bias towards the “names” of the players I will have spotted value since it is clear the markets are often influenced by big names.

So if you do not have a great knowledge of Tennis then, ironically, this can actually HELP you as Tennis Trading really is all about what happens on the court. Forget reputations and form and just concentrate on what is happening in the moment and you will do much better!

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