The Pros & Cons Of In-Play Football Scalping On Betfair

football scalpingThere is no doubt about it. The one form of Betfair trading that splits so many is scalping and scalping football matches in-play in particular. Some say it is random, whilst others say it is an art form that has to be perfected.

You may have read the recent article on “How to scalp football matches in-play” and there were some terrific tips in that. As a result, I have had more then a few contact me to ask if scalping in-play is something worth pursuing long term. Many are wondering if this is a form of trading that can really suit them in the long term.

So here are the pros and cons of In-play football scalping.



It is reasonably simple in that when you are scalping prices in-play you are doing so because you know the direction of the price and there are very rarely any surprises. We all know Under 1.5/2.5/3.5 etc will steam downwards while there are no goals and the opposite markets will do the opposite. So there is no second guessing the markets.

Consistent Strike rate

The good thing about scalping football matches in-play is that you will find most matches will see you end up with a profit. This can be a great psychological boost as the losing days are few and far between. Some scalpers will argue that when done properly, losing days hardly ever happen. So if you want a form of football trading that will see you pull in regular profits then this is it.



Can you handle the stress of knowing that a goal going in when you least expect it might just cost you your days profits? This is something football scalpers have to deal with all the time. Many get their heads around it and know that it is not something that should happen to you often, whilst some just simply can not handle the pressure of avoiding a goal. So much so, that they often find reasons to get out the market quickly or avoid getting in all together “just in case”. No point trading if you are scared of losing!


To scalp effectively you do need to have good technology. Fast and up to date computer, good Betfair software such as Bet Angel and also up to date TV picture. Scalping is becoming so competitive these days that I know of some traders who are investing in dishes which will allow them to access all Premier League football matches and will give them the fastest possible pictures on the matches which are not on Sky. This can be a huge advantage and these guys would not be investing in this sort of technology if there was not money to be made at the end of it.


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  1. Peter Bartley says:

    Hi just a quick question about tv coverage of football matches.Apart from sky what other sites would you recommend to use for football coverage? I use scalping on an occasional basis to trade soccer matches.

    1. Sports Trading Life says:

      Hi Peter,
      If scalping I would not use anything online as the delay is too much. If you were referring to actual TV sources then most are good with BT Sport and Terrestrial also being at a reasonable speed.

  2. petermans says:

    Hi Sports Trading Life,

    I read in your good article that you recommend the software Bet Angel for Betfair. I wonder if you know if Bet Angel works for Mac computer?

    Other softwares that I have tried earlier have failed to use on Mac.

    Thanks for your help.

    1. Sports Trading Life says:


      I think it would be best to contact their site and ask them as I am not sure either way. Sorry

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