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Tennis Trading: Trading The Set Winners Market

When it comes to the big tennis matches you can often find great liquidity in the “Set Winners” markets and this can present new trading opportunities in itself.

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In last nights World Tour finals match between Djokovic and Federer both sets presented some great opportunities as both players failed to win the set when serving to win it. As regular readers will know, laying the player serving to win the set is an entry point that has been advised on this very blog and in this article if you missed it.

In the first set Djokovic was serving for the set and actually had set point which saw him trade down to 1.01 before Federer broke the serve and he shot out to 2 and hit a high of 4 before he eventually won the set but this shows the types of opportunities knocking around in the tennis markets. Federer actually traded as low as 1.13 to win the same set!

It was a similar story in the 2nd set with Federer serving to win it and trading down to 1.03 before Djokovic broke back and then eventually secured the match and the title.

This is definitely a market worth checking out if there is money in it as there can be far better low risk laying opportunities available then in the actual Match Odds market.

Roll on 2013 and the new Tennis season!



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