Tennis Trading Vs Football Trading

I was reading an interesting thread on the TFT forum where members who bought Total Tennis Trading were getting to grips with trading the tennis markets compared to the football markets. Considering, I have been actively trading both for many years now I forgot just how strange the changeover can feel if you are only used to one sport.

Contrary to popular belief, my favourite, and most profitable trading sport, is actually Tennis!

I know that football gets most coverage on this blog but that is mainly because it probably is the best sport around for entertainment and one that I personally have an interest in even if not trading. So its only natural that most articles will focus on that sport ahead of Tennis.

Main Differences

As soon as you begin to trade Tennis you will notice that the main difference, compared to football, is that there is no Draw result to worry about. This makes your trading task relatively simple as you then know that if one player is steaming in then the other player will be drifting.

Most in-play football trading is based on goals. So most trades will find you relying on a goal being scored or a goal not being scored. As many football traders find to their detriment, goals are never guaranteed. With Tennis, there always has to be a winner, and almost every point scored can make a difference to the market and this is where the opportunity lies. With every serve, there WILL be a point scored by somebody so its important that you find the good value entry points, and there are plenty.

You will also see that when a tennis trade starts to go wrong, there is often plenty of time to exit as prices will rarely shoot past your stop loss point. In football, since a goal is such a significant event you will see the market suspended when a goal is scored and then when it reforms it could be way past your original stop loss point which leaves you scrambling to get out at a bigger loss then you originally planned for. With tennis, you can assess your position on a point by point basis and there is plenty of time to exit in between points.

Low Price Opportunities

The main thing that most Tennis Traders love is the way the markets can create some incredible low-risk but high reward opportunities. Since there has to be a winner you will often see markets (especially in the WTA) swing from side to side and both players will get matched @ odds below 1.20. I have seen matches where a player has traded @ 1.01 then dropped a few match points and traded back as high as 2 before going back and winning the match. These arent rare events either as you normally have a few epic matches like that every week.

It does feel like the markets are pushing some players prices lower then they really should be. If a player is a set and a break up in the second set should they really be priced @ 1.03/1.04 when you know that one break-back could literally put the whole match back in the balance? It depends on the players in question obviously but herein lies the possibility of making huge returns for small outlay.

So trading the tennis markets is something certainly worth learning and getting used to as it can be a great addition to any Sports Traders armory.


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