Football System Builder Elite – Create Fixed Odds Betting Systems In Minutes

If you are looking to build or create your own profitable fixed odds betting systems for football then this is the tool to do it with. ?????????

Now you no longer have to rely on others for football betting tips, systems or strategies since you can create your own and use them on the most popular leagues in the world.

Welcome to System Builder Elite!

The best part about using this tool to find fixed odds betting systems is that the football systems you will make will require NO further research, following or even having to watch the match.

Building a PROFITABLE Football Betting System That Works Is Easy!

You might be nervous about using “overwhelming” software to try and find your systems but we have made it “foolproof”.

First you fire up the software inside Microsoft Excel then pick the league you want to build a system for, such as English Premier League.

As you can see above you can then choose which market you want to create your system for.

You can choose to look at a system for “Back Home Wins” for example and then the builder might show you that a better system is found elsewhere for the same match criteria. For example, in the Lay The Draw.

You then input the price criteria to filter the matches and find profitable angles to build a system upon.

For example, above we wanted to look at matches where the draw price was between 3.60 and 5.60.

We can then tweak and adjust based on this to see if profitable football betting angles can be found.

The software will show us which markets these matches are profitable in and it will flash up red or green.

Above we can see that “Lay The Draw” is profitable in these matches in the league we are looking at. But Back The Draw would lose money.

Finally, we can instantly see how this system has performed over the previous 10 years and if we like the look of it we can then “SAVE AS” our system and then build another one.

Profitable but SIMPLE Football Betting Systems

Once you have found your system it should be extremely SIMPLE to operate.

For example, the above system would be as simple as looking at our designated league then finding qualifying matches before a weekend or weekday round of fixtures.

If this was the English Premier League you could just look on a Friday afternoon and see how many matches have the price on “The Draw” between 3.60 and 5.60.

Probably you will find 4-5 and these would be your qualifiers for your system.

You would look to place your lay bet at kick off if the price still qualifies.

Very easy to do (less than 30 seconds to look for qualifiers) and if this sounds like “hard work” then this whole game is not for you.

What format is this software in?

The software is stored in an Excel file. You just upload the Excel file and get going. The best experience will be had using Microsoft Excel.

Availability of this will be limited with a trial run available at the moment.

If you are interested in owning this tool, then please submit your email address below and you will get an email back with availability details or, if you are lucky, a link to purchase right away.


See System Builder Elite In Action:

Creating Premier League Over/Under 2.5 Goals Strategy




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