Sports Trading Life – Best Of 2012

stlAs we reach the end of 2012, I have had a look at the website stats for Sports Trading Life and below are the 5 most read articles from this blog in the past calender year.

This is simply down to what content YOU the reader has found most useful in the past year and this is a great opportunity to rediscover these gems or to read them for the first time if you are new to Sports Trading Life.

Some great articles here and I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I have enjoyed producing them in the past year!

5) Interview With A Professional Tennis Trader

Back in June, we spoke with Matt from about his life as a Tennis Trader and there were quite a few golden nuggets dropped in the process. Very good read especially when you discover just how much he turns over on a tennis match!

4) How Much Profit Can You Expect To Make Sports Trading?

This article really hit home with many of those who are new to the world of sports trading or just sports betting too. Within it, I show you a realistic aim for a return on your investment which certainly came as a shock for those who regularly get sucked in by silly sales pitches.

3) The Maria Laying System Revisited

I was certainly not surprised to see that this article was one of the most read on the blog during 2012. Back in May, we took a look back at the legendary Maria laying system and the controversy surrounding it. The same staking system that allowed Maria to turn £3000 into over £100,000. Apparently anyway…

2) Tennis Trading Entry Points

This article is literally a must read for anyone interested in learning how to trade tennis. This is the type of information that some vendors might charge you £60-70 for and this will give you some good ideas about how to trade tennis matches in a low risk-high reward manner.

1) Does Lay The Draw Still Work?

The popularity of Lay The Draw football trading has obviously resulted in this article being the most popular on STL during 2012. This article caused quite a stir when it was first published in February 2012 as there are many who claim this method of trading no longer works while some swear by it. Have a read of it for yourself and make your own mind up.

So that is it for another year folks. You can expect plenty more great content on STL during 2013 and we will be back with The Weekend Wrap as usual on NYE. Have a great weekend.


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