Mike Cruickshank:”Make £1000 In 30 Days With Profit Maximiser”

profit maximiser reviewA very good friend of this website is MIKE CRUICKSHANK of BONUS BAGGING fame. Just when you thought there were no other ways of making RISK FREE cash from this game, Mike has come up with yet another great thing to get involved with and it is called PROFIT MAXIMISER.

The word on the street is that new users can easily make £1000 within 30 days of signing up to this and all for minimal risk. Sounds good if you ask me but we need more information!

Update: I have also done a Profit Maximiser Review here

Mike joined me for a quick chat over some tea and chocolate cookies..

The new product is called “Profit Maximiser”. The name sounds good but just what is it actually?

I’ve made a new product that focuses on teaching users how to cash out bonuses by themselves. It covers sports, casino, bingo & spread betting bonuses. I have made a video for each offer showing me placing the bets & how to calculate everything. It also includes a very busy forum were users can post offers and talk about existing ones.

I see, it sounds like it is similar to your original Bonus Bagging product. What are the main differences?

Yes it is similar to Bonus Bagging, however the offers are a lot larger on Profit Maximiser and it covers a much wider range of opportunities. There is a forum were users are posting offers all the time. An average of 3 – 5 each day are being posted which means users will make a lot more.

 So Bonus Bagging customers can still benefit and profit from using Profit Maximiser?

Yes certainly, 90% of the Profit Maximiser members are Bonus Bagging members.

What sort of money can be made with profit Maximiser? Ideally, when can someone expect to make their money back?

Users are reporting on our forum earning up to £1000 a month so far. I would recommend a starting bank of at least £500. A new user should easily have the membership fee covered in a few days. £1000 within 30 days is definitely possible and many users within the forum have reported this. However, you do need to put in the action to make these figures.

 profit maximiser mike cruickshankDid you mention a forum earlier? How does this help people who join?

A detailed video of this is included in the members area. It’s a private forum that only Profit Maximiser members can join. They offer eachother tips on how to get even more out of the offers and newer offers are also shared frequently.

What made you decide to launch the profit Maximiser?

I felt I wasn’t doing enough for my clients, there is so much more I could have done to make them a lot more money. I couldn’t offer it as part of Bonus Bagging as it too much content, so I decided to make a new site using videos of me cashing out the bonuses so my clients could copy. I am very pleased with the result and I feel that people will love Profit Maximiser.

Are there any risks involved with something like this?

80% of the offers on the site are 100% risk free. However anything that is not risk free is clearly labelled so if you don’t like risk, avoid those offers.

 Can someone use this if they do not live in the UK?

The offers within Profit Maximiser are generally restricted to Uk / Irish residents only. Any countries outside this area won’t get most of the bonuses listed on the site.

Do you offer any sort of guarantee if someone tries it and is not able to make profits?

The product comes with a 30 day risk free trial. If you don’t like the site, you can have an unconditional full refund.

Sounds Good, Where can we read more details and sign up?

Check this link out, feel free to email me anytime if anyone has any questions..




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