Bet365 In-Play Offer Strategy

bet365 free bet inplay offerThe Bet365 in-play free bet offer is BACK for the Real-Madrid-Man Utd match and I have had many emails asking about how to approach this offer before so it is best we break this down a bit. If you are unaware this is a regular offer they do where members can bet £50 pre-match and get a £50 free bet in-play.

For a while now, there have been many of us taking advantage of this offer as it can be as good as “free money in your pocket” depending on the strategy you use to play it.  With this offer being available for the Real Madrid-Man Utd match this would be a good time to explain the best strategy available for it.

If you have not got a Bet365 account then go here right now and sign up as this offer can still apply and you also get about £200 free bets too.

Let me explain further…

The Risk Free Bet

There is a way to ensure you can get this free bet almost totally risk free with no real threat to your funds. Be sure to read this closely as it can be confusing when you are new to this.

So for the Real Madrid match I would deposit £100 into Bet365. (You do not have to deposit this much as your money is matched by any amount up to £50, you could use £5 if you wanted!)

You then want to find a close match in the odds to Back on Bet365 compared to the lay odds on Betfair. I am also sure that these odds have to be higher then 1.50.

In this case, I would back Real Madrid @ 1.61 on Bet365 with £50.

I would then lay Real Madrid @ 1.65 on Betfair to win £50 (£32.50 liability).

This would then mean that if Real Madrid win the match I will lose £2. Any other result and I will break even.

However, I now have a virtually risk free £50 free bet to use in-play. (The potential £2 loss does not bother me in this case)

bet365 free betsSo once the match starts you use up to £50 of your own money to bet on anything and if it loses you will get it refunded back in your account at the end of the match which you can instantly withdraw.

Worst case scenario, you lose £2 but the best case scenario far outweighs this.

Depending on my mood I might punt the £50 on high odds such as a Correct Score. Something like 3-1 Real Madrid is 12 on Bet365 which means I am risking a potential £2 loss to win £550.

If I am feeling less frivolous, then I might just go for an even money shot such as Over 2.5 Goals which would still mean I am risking my potential £2 loss to win £50.

If that is not value then I do not know what is!

There is also nothing stopping you from using that £50 to trade with since you can back outcomes on Bet365 and then lay them on Betfair at a later point in the match. Just keep your wits about when you do that.

Remember, Bet365 do these offers very frequently which is why they are one of the few bookmaker accounts worth having.

Locking In Guaranteed Profits

As I am sure many will be eager to point out, there are ways you can actually lock in guaranteed profits. I estimate that you could probably lock in about £32 guaranteed on this one if you know the correct formulas to back and lay with.

However, that is not my own area of expertise and if this interests you then I suggest you join Bonus Bagging to find out how to do this as there is plenty of money to be made this way.


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