A Good Day To Play Away!

Its not an understatement to say that the Christmas period has been pretty insane as far as results have gone in the Premier League.

I took the holiday period off from all things trading hence why the blog went a bit quiet. This was mainly because with all the upheaval over the Christmas period I knew I would find it hard to concentrate on the task at hand and so it was better to give it a miss rather then go at it with one eye on the ball.

I feel like I have missed a few good in-play opportunities though as much of my in-play trading revolves around taking on short priced favourites and also late goals. From watching the highlights of some of the matches that have been played and looking back at the odds I am sure I would have made a fair amount over Xmas!

I did have a dabble on the Correct Score markets in the Sunderland- Man City match on New Years day though as I couldn’t see it ending 0-0 and the prices were looking favourable with about 10 minutes left. I had a lay of 0-0 @ 1.60 with Man City all over Sunderland but when the final minute of injury time was being played and it was still 0-0 I began chastising myself for a bad decision “in hindsight”…

That was until Dong-Won Ji went around Joe Hart to nick it with the last kick of the ball. The Correct Score 0-0 traded as low as 1.03 before being gubbed and all of a sudden I was congratulating myself on such a great call.

Funny how things can change in an instant!


Yesterday was a good day to play away for Premier League teams.  Swansea, Norwich, Stoke & Chelsea all winning away from home and its not often you get 4 teams winning away from home in the same Premier League round. With Man Utd still to play away to Newcastle it could be a figure that increases, or some might argue that it means Man Utd @ 1.80 should be a lay since the results should average out over the round and we are now “due” a few home wins.

So it was a good day to play away unless you were Arsenal that is. I was present at the match so wasnt trading it but the second half goal was pretty obviously coming and then with Fulham chasing the winner in stoppage time you would have had the perfect chance to play up the profits and go for that bonus win if the 2nd late goal came, which it did. Not sure how low the Correct Score market traded on that one but it must have been sub 1.15 at least!

Fulham have quite a record against the “big teams” now, only losing to Spurs and Man Utd but beating Arsenal, Liverpool and taking points from Chelsea and Man City too. If only they could raise their game every week then they would be challenging for a Champions League spot. 😉


There is no doubting that the focus tonight is all on the Etihad Stadium for the match between Man City & Liverpool. Man City are priced @ 1.98 which looks generous considering they were priced @ 1.80 to beat Arsenal and there isn’t much difference in quality between Arsenal and Liverpool.  My ratings suggest they should be priced @ 1.75 for this so all indications are that this price should steam up until kick off. Especially when you consider that Mancini wont be taking any chances with the type of team he puts out this time!

We shall see tonight.

Anyway, its good to be back in the swing of things. There is quite a lot planned for STL in 2012 so just stay tuned folks!


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