A Real Result?

The Real Madrid-Man Utd 1st leg ending in a draw was not just a good result for Man Utd but also probably for the bookmakers as Real Madrid were heavily backed by punters across Europe last night.

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During the day the Real Madrid price moved over 10 ticks from 1.65 down to as low as 1.53. Then despite the 1st half showing that Man Utd were more then in the match, the money was pouring back in at half time for Real Madrid as they moved another 10 ticks in the half time break from 1.69 into 1.59.

Personally, I did not get involved in this match in-play too much as I did not feel like I had any sort of angle to go on. Usually if I am trading a match in-play I would have previous head to head encounters to look at or at least a previous match against similar opposition. However, I have not found a situation in recent years where Man Utd have been a 5.8 starting price and this made this a match for watching rather then getting involved with.

The second leg might be worth a dabble though. Here is the chart, not much joy for draw layers here…


So is this a Real result for Man Utd like much of the media are making out?

Well, the markets still see Real Madrid as the favourites to qualify with Real Madrid @ 1.85 & Man Utd @ 2.16. Before the match kicked off, Madrid were 1.60 favourites before this match but this really does feel like a 50-50 now.


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