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Shakhtar-Juventus: Is The Draw A Betting Certainty?

What happens when a Ukrainian team plays an Italian team and a draw suits both parties?

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You get the price on The Draw starting odds-on is what happens!

The Shakhtar-Juventus match is one that is has caused a lot of talk in the betting world this week as many claim this match has already been “fixed” to end in a draw. In reality, nothing has been fixed however a draw in this match is definitely far more likely then it is in any other matches on tonight.

As the situation stands, a draw will ensure Juventus qualify and will also ensure that Shakhtar qualify as group winners. This will also eliminate Champions League winners Chelsea It is a win-win situation for both clubs and you would be surprised if this finished in anything else but a draw tonight.

Juventus have the chance to qualify as group winners if they win in Donetsk but will they really go for the win knowing they might leave themselves vulnerable at the back which could lead to a defeat and possible elimination if Chelsea beat Nordsj?

The Match Odds markets look like this:

Shakhtar @ 3.60

Juventus @ 4.5

The Draw @ 1.90

For a match like this the odds should be:

Shakhtar @ 2.40

Juventus @ 3.25

The Draw @ 3.30

We have seen situations like this before and, as a word of warning, these matches do not always end in draws. However, you do have to feel it will be tight and getting 1.70 on Under 2.5 Goals is probably a better bet then the 1.90 on The Draw. This obviously covers a 1-0 or 2-0 win to either side should that actually happen.

Good luck if you decide to get involved in this one, I am staying well clear!


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