/ / Wawrinka Stuns Djokovic In Tennis Trading Classic

Wawrinka Stuns Djokovic In Tennis Trading Classic


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An extraordinary match in the Australian Open. With Djokovic winning the first set he traded as low as 1.02 as most felt this would be a routine victory for the Serbian.

Backing any player @ sub 1.10 in a quarter final with 2 sets left to win is just asking for trouble. The markets seemingly did not believe what was unfolding. I found it incredible that Wawrinka only went odds-on when he had a match point and even at that point he was priced @ 1.66.

For the record Wawrinka was matched as high as 50!


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  1. You do realise that laying at 1.02 on one side is the same as backing at 50 on the other?

    1. Sports Trading Life says:

      Yes thanks.

  2. OK, it’s just that you seemed quite astonished that Wawrinka was matched as high 50 despite already telling us that Djokovic had traded 1.02.

    It’s a shame I had to go to Twitter to get you to un-delete my comment as well but never mind.

    1. Sports Trading Life says:

      Hi Hejik,

      Your comment was not deleted, it was moved to moderation until I could see what was written and respond.

      This post was just listing the prices that were matched on the markets during the action. If you know Betfair well then perhaps this info is not necessary for you but if you are new to Betfair like many of the readers then I am sure they would like to know the highest price Wawrinka was matched at officially.

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