Football Trading Academy Review

Football Trading AcademyFootball Trading AcademyI was meant to do a Football Trading Academy review two days ago but better late then never I guess!

Basically, my view is that the whole thing is fantastic!

Note: There is only 17 spaces left at at this time of writing. So if you want to get a massive LIFETIME DISCOUNT on a service that is worth £30+ per month then you should act now!

FTA Newsletters

You are paying a small subscription fee which gets you access to not only trading selections but a whole bunch of educational material that will only make you a better trader in the future. As you know, I have made a big contribution to the FTA Newsletters and there is so much in there to learn from. I guess the sad part about is that the majority of people who do sign up to this service will probably be in it purely for the tips without realising the opportunity at hand to improve your trading mindset and ability. There aren’t many services around that will help to educate and mentor alongside with providing the tips.

Within the newsletters, I have had the pleasure of doing short interviews with people who make their living from gambling and they share tips and advice explaining how they made it. This is along with a whole bunch of professional trading advice, including how to form your own odds, how to spot value, different ways to trade football, how the markets work and a lot of info on how to develop your own strategies.

As soon as you sign up you get access to Issues 1 & 2 and then you will get a new issue every 2 weeks.


FTA Systems & Selections

I have purposely left this bit till last as I dont think the type of people the FTA is looking to attract is “system whores” who are only in it to try something for a few weeks before giving up as soon as a losing run comes along.

Once you sign up you get access to System A & System B. I will personally be using System A as I think its very clever but also very simple.

I have seen people trading this market before in a similar way but a unique facet of this system is the chance for a “saver” which is the chance for a scratch trade to get you off the hook in some losing situations. I dont believe there are any selections for tonight but if you have signed up you should give it a practice across the Europa matches to see how you do as its a surprisingly simple and easy way to trade football in-play. I have been following the trades on system a for the past month alongside 5 others and its comfortably in profit but I guess the real challenge is keeping  it up now the service has gone live to more members.

System B is clearly aimed at beginners and I know most who read this blog are no longer beginners so there is no obligation to follow system b trades. Either way, you will get access to the daily trades for every day there is a trade. From what I have seen, the weekends are very busy indeed.

I will suggest that you sign up to the FTA in order to help develop your trading and look at the systems and selections as being a part of it rather then then the main reason for signing up.

Signing up?

You have the great chance of getting in on something at ground floor level. Remember, whichever price you sign up for is the price plan you remain with. So when the price increases, your price plan doesn’t.

Its a no brainer really, since you can cancel at anytime but also when the price goes up you will be content in the knowledge that you are paying much less then everyone else 😉

Anyway, You can view the full details for yourself here!





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