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Wimbledon 2012: Formidable Federer

The enigmatic Roger Federer won his 7th Wimbledon title in an epic final which left Andy Murray in tears at the end. As far as Wimbledon finals go it was not exactly a classic but it was incredibly intriguing and you could not take your eye off it for one moment.

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Over £55 million was traded on this match on Betfair which I am sure must set some sort of record for the most amount traded on an event in the shortest space of time. The market for the final was only opened on Friday evening so to turn over that sort of liquidity within 48 hours is quite amazing.

The markets had Federer as the favourite pre-match @ 1.50 however after losing the first set he was priced @ 2 going into the 2nd set and during that set Murray traded as low as 1.67 after missing crucial break points in the 2nd set too. Federer briefly touching a high of 2.50 in the markets.

That was as low as Murray went, as once the roof was closed the Fed Express clicked into gear and there was not much doubt about the inevitable outcome from that point on.

Hitting the price of 1.67 is the closest that Murray has ever come to winning a grand slam and you might wonder if he will ever get a better opportunity to seal one. Then again, many doubted that Roger Federer at 30 would have another chance of winning a slam and that doubt was put to bed yesterday so there is still plenty of time for a man who is only 25.

Who would bet against Federer sealing one or two more grandslams before he hangs up his racquet? He is priced @ 6 to win the US Open in September, lay that price at your peril!



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