Same Old Arsenal….

Saturday saw an entertaining afternoon of popcorn trading as I watched a few of the friendly matches which were live on TV. No involvement, just watching the matches and the markets as I prepare myself to go at it from next week.

Seems like I missed out on a big opportunity as Arsenal showed no sign of improving on last season’s form. In the Emirates cup Arsenal (1.45 favourites) went 2-0 up against Boca Juniors and duly traded as low as 1.01 before being pegged back to 2-2 and almost actually losing the match too.

Despite this match not really mattering too much, the Arsenal fans must still have that same old sinking feeling. Arsene Wenger was quoted as saying after the match that his team will “learn lessons from this match” however, you have to wonder how many times it can happen to them before the penny drops?

Arsenal’s Greatest Gubbings

Last season, they made many sports traders a lot of money after blowing leads from almost impossible situations and being 1.01 shots. Being 4-0 up against Newcastle and still not winning was amazing enough, but they also traded @ 1.01 against Liverpool with virtually the final whistle about to blow and somehow managed to only draw that 1-1. One lucky punter actually matched the 1-1 scoreline at 1000 on Betfair in that match. They also blew a 3-1 lead against Spurs in April but in this case only traded as low as 1.10 so that wasn’t as spectacular a collapse as some of the others.

For those with longer memories you might remember when Arsenal went 2-0 up against Wigan with about 15 minutes to go back in April 2010. Hundreds of thousands of pounds were matched @ 1.01 on Arsenal, then the collapse happened with Wigan not only pulling it back to 2-2 but actually winning the game 3-2. I wouldn’t be surprised if Wigan traded at 1000 in that match too.

I am not an Arsenal fan but I am a football trader so the more leads that Arsenal can blow, the more money that can be made!

Roll on the new season!


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  1. Wolfman Jack says:

    If you’re a keen pursuer of late goals look no further than Wolves who have a remarkable knack of snatching defeat in the last few minutes.

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