Is Golf Trading Profitable? The Pros and Cons of Trading Golf On Betfair

In this article, I want to tackle the big questions about whether or not golf trading on Betfair can be profitable for you and if it is a sport you really want to get involved in trading.

Lots have been asking questions such as, is it easy to learn? Do you need to be a golf expert? Do you need to watch the action all day long? Etc etc

So, lets get on with it and by the time you are finished reading you should have a good idea of whether or not this is a sport to get involved with from an investment perspective.

Golf Trading Is LOW Maintenance

I come from a financial background and I do day trading as my main profession.

My typical day of day trading involves looking for opportunities in the morning, buying positions and then reviewing those positions later that day or sometimes over the next few days to decide whether to take profit (or accept a loss). I rarely hold a position longer than a week.

It is not very intense work at all and I strongly recommend others to explore day trading at some point as it is a great lifestyle.

However, this is a SPORTS trading website and trading sports didn’t work as well for me due to some of the intensity of the decision making and also due to emotions getting involved.

I had fun doing football trading in the evening but I needed something slower.

Anyway, it was over 10 years ago when I discovered golf trading after talking with someone on a Betfair Trading forum.

I assumed I would have to sit there and watch every hole being played and do thousands of trades per day.

But in reality, you don’t have to do any of that.

You can take positions and then adjust depending on how it is going.

I refined my strategy to make it more like day trading and now my regular tournament trading strategy takes up around 30 minutes per week (if I added it all up).

I pick out my trades on Wednesday and get them in the market.

Then check my position and adjust accordingly on Friday/Saturday/Sunday.

Come to think of it, 30 minutes is being generous.

Either way, it is very low maintenance and I rarely ever watch the action unless it is one of the big tournaments like Augusta.

It fits perfectly around my lifestyle and gives me something to profit from on weekends when the markets are closed.

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Golf Trading Is HIGHLY Profitable

Of course, I wouldn’t be interested in doing this unless it was making some good regular money for me.

For those who are new to trading this sport, the main reason it is so attractive to trade is due to the high priced winners that consistently come in.

It is very common for a tournament winner to be a 100-1+ shot due to the competitive nature of the sport.

This means there is great opportunity to win BIG from small stakes which I think appeals to a lot of people.

The markets are usually full of around 150+ selections so it is important to know how to pick out your players and then how to trade them.

But it is an exciting market to trade since you never know if this week you could catch a 500-1 winner (for example).

Most of my day trading has quite predictable profits so to be able to make a 10x or 20x return from a trade is definitely fun and the reason I got hooked into it.

The downside of golf betting (not trading) is that it can be HARD to catch these winners and some golf bettors can go a WHOLE year without getting a winner.

Thankfully, by trading it can be a lot more forgiving and you can bank regular consistent profits while you wait for that odd BIG win.

Just keep in mind, most of these players are priced at 100-1+ and you won’t be getting 100-1 winners every week!

Cameron Young at Turtle Creek Golf Club. Tequesta, FL. Thursday March 16, 2023

Golf Trading is a NUMBERS Game

I am not the biggest expert on the sport of Golf and it even took me a while to fully work out the rules despite profiting regularly from the sport.

I definitely know a lot more about the sport now by picking things up over the years, I even put this golf trading guide together which does make me look like I am hugely knowledgeable about the sport but really I just know how to trade it and couldn’t tell you much about the players, history etc

This shows me that if I can do it then anyone can do it.

Since it really is a game of numbers.

My strategies involve looking for players in certain price ranges that I think will trade lower. Not far off what many do with horse racing trading.

Then also looking for players who I believe are too short in the market and opposing them (based on certain criteria).

It is also such a highly competitive sport that often “anyone” can win a tournament on a given week.

The markets are ebbing and flowing for 4 whole days and you will see lots of players shortening and lengthening all over the place.

With all this on your side, it can actually be hard to mess up.

I am not saying you should throw your money into the market blindly but anyone with a half decent plan can make money in these golf markets.

In fact, much of my golf trading strategy revolves around the concept of “thinking like a bookmaker” and how a bookmaker would approach markets like this.

And when I started to think like a bookmaker was when I started to do well with my golf trading.


If you are someone who is looking for a low maintenance sport to trade which doesn’t involve hours of research followed by hours of trading then definitely look at golf trading.

I literally spend around 30 minutes per week on this and I have been profiting over 10 years.

I easily pull in a nice 5 figure profit every year and I probably spend around 26-30 hours per year doing it.

Yes that was not a typo, 26-30 hours per year.

That is around 2-3 hours per month!

Now that is a nice hourly rate!

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Wishing you all the best in your golf trading endeavors.

May your trades be profitable and your journey be filled with excitement and success!

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