Tennis Trading BEST Stats To Follow? [EXPLAINED]


When it comes to trading tennis on Betfair, many do wonder just which in-play stats to follow.

When trading football it can be quite obvious but when look at the many available tennis stats it can be easy to get lost and focus on stats which are not important for a tennis trader.

So in this video I wanted to focus on what we should really be looking for when it comes to finding opportunities in the tennis markets.

And you might be surprised to find that I feel that there is only ONE key stat we should really be focusing on with regards to this.

Keep in mind, as traders we might not be interested in the same stats the general public are interested in.

Either way, in this video you are going to learn the number ONE key stat to look for if you want to find low risk high reward tennis trades that you can profit from.

It is a little bit hidden away but once you know what it is and where to look for it then it could transform your tennis trading overnight.

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Check out the below video, I show you what the stat is and how you can use it to find opportunities.


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