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How To Win A 1.01 Lay On Betfair [VIDEO]

Laying at 1.01 on Betfair and then WINNING is the dream for many a punter or trader.

And so in this video we take a look at HOW you can spot those low laying opportunities when the prices go below 1.10 and then that team or player fails to win.

These are some GREAT low risk and high reward sports trading opportunities and ones worth looking out for.

I show you the BEST sports to look for with this and a few KEY tips that will assist you in spotting these in the future.

Remember, when we are trading then we don’t actually need that 1.01 lay to go on and win, we could easily trade some out and either take a profit or give ourselves a JUICY free bet.

Either way, I show you some famous gubbings so you can get an idea of how often it actually happens and you can spot these for yourself!

Go grab a nice cold beer and watch this video from start to the end!

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