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Tennis Trading “Lay The Server” Strategy Video [MUST WATCH]

Brand new video up for you guys and I am excited about this one.

If you are looking for a PROFITABLE Tennis Trading Strategy for Betfair then “Lay The Server” is up there. If you want a low risk but high reward method that is simple to execute then this is it.

You will find many professional tennis traders regularly oppose the server as their entry point which shows that this is a long term profitable way to enter the market but you have to pick the right times to get in.

This video will teach you a pretty basic way to lay or oppose the server when trading tennis. The markets usually expect the server to win their service game which means a BIG price swing if they fail to do that.

This video will give you some hints on the best time to lay the server and show you a step by step low risk version of the strategy.

Expect a step by step explanation followed by some examples that were recorded live on Betfair with voice over narration every step of the way.

This method is obviously the opposite of back the server strategy which we revealed in the previous video.

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