Ultimate Tennis Trading Course – What is the 2022 Price, Release Date, Cost, Preview, Reviews Testimonials and more…

Hey guys, so almost everyday I am getting emails asking about Ultimate Tennis Trading. When is the next open date? What is the price of the course? Can anyone learn this? And so on…

So this page will be reserved for all the latest news and frequently answered questions about the Ultimate Tennis Trading course. You can bookmark this or scroll down to add yourself to the waiting list so you are the first to get any updates.

What is the Ultimate Tennis Trading Course?

Ultimate Tennis Trading is my premium video program training that teaches you how to trade tennis on the betting exchanges.

The aim being to take those who are new to tennis trading and even those who are new to the sport and have them knowing how to pick out their own tennis trades, spot opportunities by reading a match and know how to profitably trade a match from start to finish. And I believe all this can be learned in a few weeks.

Tennis Trading can be quick to learn but obviously it takes longer to fully master.

Course Format

I do get many questions asking how to access the course and whether this is an in-person live event or other.

I know the DVD discs in the image might seem confusing and it is no surprise when people wonder if this is a course where you order DVDs and receive it in the post.

I am pleased to say that UTT is actually BETTER than that and is fully streamed online, similar to how you would stream a Youtube video or Netflix.

This means the course can be viewed on almost any modern device including laptop, desktop, mobile and tablet. Basically, if you are able to watch Youtube then you can watch this without needing any extra software.

The best part about this is that when you sign up you don’t have to wait, you can jump in right away as long as you have a Wifi connection.

I jested about it previously but if you wanted you could use this course to learn tennis trading on the beach if you wish. (Providing you can get on Wifi). 😉

Course Content

Included in the UTT super course is:

  • An INSTANT portfolio of proven tennis trading strategies
  • 3 low risk high reward strategies to use each set from a tennis match
  • 2 Advanced Strategies
  • 6 Hours Of Streamed HD Content
  • Over 30 real life over the shoulder trading demonstrations
  • Performance tracking spreadsheets
  • A host of top secret bonuses thrown in!

Ultimate Tennis Trading Open Enrollment Dates

So Ultimate Tennis Trading only opens to new members 2-3 times per year. This allows me to support the new members fully as they learn the methods and also allows me to reiterate and constantly improve the course in the meantime so it is bigger and better every time we open.

And the main question I get asked is when Ultimate Tennis Trading is open again for general enrollment.

So there is no confirmed date right now but it is expected that the next opening will be (not before) Spring 2022.

This is subject to change but to be the first to know about any opening spots the best thing is to apply to be on the waiting list.


This is for a one time invite to access the BIGGEST Tennis Trading video course ever made for Betfair.
– 5 Strategies
– 40+ Real Life Video Demonstrations
– A Full Portfolio of profitable methods plus MORE!
Make sure you submit an email address you check regularly.


There have been many wondering what the price or cost of Ultimate Tennis Trading is.

There is no definitive answer to this question as the price to sign up to the course is constantly increasing. As more and more content and value is added and it becomes more proven in the long term you have to expect the price to increase. For that reason, we do not want to put a final price on this page since it might well be higher by the time we open again.

The price when we open the doors for general enrollment ultimately depends on the demand on the waiting list. The more people on the list, the higher the price will have to be in order to ensure there is no overload of members signing up. This is one reason there is no set price and the price will only be confirmed on the opening day.

And keep in mind, that as the reputation of the course grows and more content is added and refined, the demand also grows so there is not much chance the price will ever decrease.

At the same time, it is important to consider that this is a PREMIUM video course and replicates everything you would expect from a live seminar that many people spend thousands of pounds to attend. You are getting years of experience packaged into one program and the chance to skip a learning curve that often takes other people years to overcome.

With that being said, you should expect the price of the course to be in the “3 figures range“.

One thing that is important to keep in mind, good courses aren’t cheap and cheap courses aren’t good!

Ultimate Tennis Trading Reviews & Testimonials

So far Ultimate Tennis Trading has only opened for enrollment once and we are still collecting testimonials and reviews but below you can see a few videos from those who have a good experience.

Most people who do well with Ultimate Tennis Trading are those who previously did matched betting but want something more lucrative, those who want to stop gambling the traditional way, those who like to gamble but like to do so with an edge and not just for fun and those who have been dabbling on Betfair for years with not much consistent success. The majority come from a Football Trading background and are looking to broaden their sports trading horizon.

As mentioned, you have to get on the waiting list to get the chance to join next time we open.

Details below, and if you have any questions feel free to ask!


This is for a one time invite to access the BIGGEST Tennis Trading video course ever made for Betfair.
– 5 Strategies
– 40+ Real Life Video Demonstrations
– A Full Portfolio of profitable methods plus MORE!
Make sure you submit an email address you check regularly.


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